Kid owns the shit out of a dickhead cop

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  1. brilliant kid
  2. What an absolute boss. Love how mad he's making the commenters as well.
  3. I didn't even look at comments. Since I'm lazy, feel free to share any comments that made you lol in this thread
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    "If I was the Cop I would of kicked you so hard you little 12 year old **** get over it"

    With a photo of Fifa as his profile picture, that 13 year old sounds pretty pissed off

    "dumb ass kid get home ! challenging a adult..for what reason ? for something stupid thinking he's proving something...kid needs a ass whipping, irritates the shit out of me"


    the kids parents need to be slapped, this is why America is going to crap due to little young Jackholes like this wise ass boy.

    Well, if America is going to crap it's because of illiterate fucktards like you

    "I'm A Sexy Latina Wanting to get fucked I'm 5'6 125 pounds, big ass, cute face, big yummy tits if you want to meet up message me, you can watch me do a hot naked dance on my site its-
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    Oh, and you're welcome Jonathan
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  5. I thought you meant he was posting comments owning pissed off people, but yea, those people are morons.
  6. Shit, didn't make that clear at all. Still didn't make searching through those comments any less funny.
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  7. Most Youtube comments are pure shit.
  8. This kid rules.
  9. I know who you are and I saw Analyze This. I don't need the ramifications that could arise from treating someone like yourself.
  10. This is great. That kid is great.
  11. I love this kid!
  12. This was hardly 'ownage.'
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    I would've slapped the kid if I was that dickhead cop. Like "Bitch, I can do what I want." Other than that though, the kid was a boss for doing that.

  14. Kid is a boss.
  15. Yeah, man. He's a boss. He should be on Saturday Night Live.
  16. I decided to comment on the video as well: "All these people sucking the cops dick are fucking idiots. The cop broke the law and the kid pointed it out, good on him. All these people criticising the kid are conformist cowards!"

    The kid did right in that situation, many times I have witnessed cops overly exercising their "rights" and it sickens me. The people in the comments attacking the child are endorsing the way cops wrongfully act. This shows how brainwashed and fickle they really are!
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  17. That kid has a guitar :boss: I bet he could shred those cops into submission with the right practice
  18. He should do what Jeff Jarrett did to that midget in WCW.
  19. An acoustic guitar can knock out a midget...imagine what a guitar can do to douche bag Youtube people :robbie:
  20. As far as interactions between 12 year olds and police officers go, how was it not? The cop was being a retard, got called on it, proceeded to make an ass of himself and now it is on Youtube for everyone to see.
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