Kids act out stunner at grad - diplomas withheld

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 6, 2015.

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  1. Now this is some bullshit in my opinion. Guys were just having fun at their graduation. They didn't hurt anyone (except maybe the guy taking the stunner a little). This is just a good example of how ridiculous American school systems have become nowadays. And when you take into account how low our schools perform compared to some other countries........I mean, focus more on teaching the kids and not punishing them for stupid shit.

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  2. Austin 3:16 says you just failed your class!
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  3. What a maneuver!
  4. Out of nowhere!
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  5. ... gettin' their diplomas withheld.
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  6. The cold blue eyes of the rattlesnake.... He just doesn't give a damn.
  7. In all seriousness, schools only allow "fun" if they deem it fit and can control it. The school system in America is beyond a joke.
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  8. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to legally deny someone their diploma just on account of them "misbehaving" during their graduation ceremony. If they fulfilled all of the necessary needs and requirements in order to warrant being given their diploma, then there's no justification in my eyes for fucking with their futures by refusing to give it to them. Unless there's some dumb-shit, draconian rule in Florida that I'm not privy to that states they're allowed to do this, then this just seems almost like a bullying tactic on the school's part.
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  9. Well, it is Florida....who knows....
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  10. They can withhold the diploma pending disciplinary action. Yet another reason to say screw it and get your GED. Just take the test and be done with it.

    Personally I think the admins should get the bug out of their butt and give them their diplomas so they never have to deal with the kids again, but no, they have to set an example to the younger students.
  11. Stone Cold is gonna drive to the school with a beer truck, and spray the admins down with beer. Then he's gonna search for the diplomas and ride off with an ATV.
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  12. Can stone cold ET join him?
  13. had it happen to my friend our salutatorian, he got robbed of his speech at our graduation but the diploma was in the mail like everyone else's are.
  14. Your diploma can be held anywhere for disciplinary problems breh.

    And I would also not let the kids graduate, not for using wrestling moves at graduation, but for the piss poor looking Stunner. The guy delivering it and taking it looked like shit. Did they even practice? I mean good god. Horrible. literally 0/10. Maybe should have gone for a more basic move because these green assmotherfuckers needs practice.
  15. Kind of had the same thought. You see him go to grab the other guy in almost a head lock attempt and then turn it around to the stunner. Be funnier if that's why the diplomas were withheld lol.

    "You couldn't even do the stunner correctly. Obviously you don't deserve to graduate"
  16. That's a really meh stunt they pulled. Definitly not the awesome creative thing they thought it would be, but still, even if it's weird and awkward, I don't see why they should lose their diplomas for it.
  17. Thinking about it now, this only would have been cool if he ran up there and did a huricarana on his ass
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  18. Why not an F5?
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