Kids programs...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Samalan, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. This is my experience of watching kids programs.

    At first I was :yay:

    Then I was :urm:

    After that I went :dafuq:

    Although I did go :haha:

    But then I was like :finger:

    Then :tough:

    Also :no:

    I managed to go :yes:

    Then :otunga:

    At the last minute I went :bury:

    As well as :upset:

    In the end I was like :angry:
  2. Fireman Sam > all of you
  3. Pingu > all other kids shows
  4. bitch its Blues Clues all the way
  5. Nickelodeon :YAY:
  6. Disney :finger:
  7. Cartoon Network. :GTFO:
  8. CITV :gtfo:
  9. CBBC :GTFO:
  10. :annoyed:

    cant think of any more... lets move on to programs!!

    Come outside!
  11. Teletubbies FTW!
  12. I second Come Outside! :yay:

    64 zoo lane :finger:
  14. Tweenies
  15. Brum.

    your argument is invalid.
  16. I loved that show.. :otunga:
  17. snog marry avoid
  18. Kids Programs? :urm:
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