Kids Snorting 'Smarties' Candy Alarming Trend in the US

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  1. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla -- It looks like candy, sounds like candy, but kids are taking the popular treat “smarties” and treating it like cocaine.

    No joking around it's the trend that has teens opening up their nostrils to snort the sugary powder.

    Most teens are catching the ins and outs from videos posted to YouTube that not only shows kids preparing lines, but even going as far as bragging about snorting up while in school.

    Parents say posts like these may seem fun now but just wait until these fad chasers try to get a job and a future employer looks them up.

    The question you are probably asking yourself what do medical experts have to say about this notorious nose candy trend?

    Well what they found may just blow you away.

    Their biggest concern is the domino effect the powder can have on ones respiratory system.

    They say too much of this candy up the nose into the lungs could bring on a major asthma attack or other complications.

    Doctors we spoke with say the sugar rush is the same if you just go the old fashion route and eat the candy instead of inhaling it.

    You never cease to amaze me, America. :facepalm:
  2. yea, I love when a few dumbasses do stupid shit, the media hears about it and suddenly its some epidemic.
  3. IKR. Like, we all know America is the GOAT. Fucking teenagers and their stupid shit.
  4. it's just like the 'KO gAme' shit. the media is just a bunch of sensationalists trying to stir up shit.
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  5. This has to be one of the most idiotic things i've seen, and the media publicizing it will only make it spread more. I doubt it's as big as the propaganda shows, but what kind of dipshit came up with this idea in the first place?
  6. we used to joke about it as kids in grade school (break them up, make a 'line' roll up a dollar and pretend) but wtf at really doing it. surely they don't think it gets them high
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  7. we had a few friends who got "ripped" my senior year (they were sophmores) on oregano and shit, it was incredibly funny, however, i dont see that being a similar case to candy high.
  8. sad
  9. yeah it was before i started smoking. I saw the shit and my buddies had to let them know someone ripped them off badly. We all got a great laugh out of it, but not so much for them.
  10. Willy Wonka is not impressed by this.
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  11. It's all about Smarties Cereal.
  12. This is stupid on a whole entirely new level. Thanks American youth.
  13. Also it's "Cease to amaze me". not "Seize".
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  14. clearly an American youth problem and not just a few fucking dipshits.
    Brita is the exact mark the media goes after with these dumbass 'stories'
  15. Reminds of that Jenkem BS years ago. That was some stupid shit (pun intended)
  16. I was thinking of that too. But then I was like, nah couldn't be.
  17. Isn't it "never cease to amaze me?"

    if we were ceasing to amaze you you would not be amazed
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  18. ^Hows THAT for America? Fuck yeah
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