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  1. You know what I love? Walking in the park. (inb4 Who cares?)

    You know what I hate? Idiot parents.

    Imagine this scene as you are walking in the park.

    Mom: Come on Jimmy, we have to go home!

    Kid: But i wanna go to the swings!

    Mom: No, Jimmy, we're going home.

    K: BUT MOM!

    M: NO!

    K: I WANNA GO TO THE SWINGS!!! I WANAAA GO TO THE SWIIIIINGS!!! (cue the mucus, tears, and other bodily fluids that should stay inside) (inb4 Jimmy's rustled)

    M: Ok, Jimmy, I will leave you here for the Boogie man to get you.

    And then the mom pretends like she is leaving, so the kid follows her. But no, Jimmy the prick stays and plays at the swings, leaving the mom to come back and
    a) Beg the kid to come home
    b) Bribe him with candy
    c) Stay at the swings in hopes that he tires soon.

    And this is a classic case of a 4 year child outsmarting a 30 year old adult.
    You wanna know why?
    Because parents are shittier and shittier and kids are smarter and smarter

    Stupid tricks like "The boogie man will get you" (inb4
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    ) or "You need to stay in the corner of shame!" won't work.

    I feel that parents should beat their kid. Not beat them to deth, of course, but just a spank ought to teach that f*cker Jimmy that it is in fact, time to go home.

    There is a problem, though. I think hitting your kids is illegal in a lot of places. And that is good, in case of abuse, but seriously though, some parents are afraid to hit their kid, and so their kid transforms into either

    a) Spoiled little f*ck
    b) Annoying little f*ck
    c) Disrespectful little f*ck
    d) All of the above

    And in the later years, they could transform into something much worse. The whole life of people depends on how good a parent the Mom and Dad were.

    Now, my mom beat me too, and I came out alright (inb4 she didn't beat you enough)

    So, riddle me this, if the main difference between a good kid and a bad kid, is a little spank, is that so bad?

    P.s. There are of course, good parents, that can educate their kids well without doing anything to them. Those, however, are rare.

    inb4 Tl;dr.

    tl;dr version: Beating your kid: Yes, or no?
  2. I appreciate the honorable mention :')
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  3. I'm going to beat my kids so bad, they'll want to go stay at Uncle deth's house forever.
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  4. Yes.
  5. That kid in the video would get a beating ....
  6. Just watched the video. I'd fucking stab that kid in the fucking face.
  7. Small smack is fine. Just like it's fine to smack a dog. Obviously there are limitations and stuff, but this stuff shouldn't be illegal or frowned upon. Without a beating as a kid, you can turn out to be a spoiled little brat.
  8. If I had a kid and he/she was out of control I would back hand them like they were an adult. Kids don't know about respect now a days because they have parents who pussy foot around them.
  9. More like a SmackDOWN lol

    Exactly. I'd let you beat my kids any day.
  10. I would let you tape me beating your kids so you can remind them every time they are bad... Make them watch it over and over again! :angry: :tough: :woo1:
  11. Kids are spanked here in the Philippines, so you can rarely see the out of the line. I got beaten when I don't do my homework and stuff. Some even let you kneel on a heap of rice, and that hurts, TRUST ME.
  12. I heard about kneeling on rice. Ouch!
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  13. Want to take it to the next level? Go do that on a sack of SALT.
  14. They would have a bull's horn right in their asses If those kids live in spain
  15. Never heard of such thing.
  16. We are like that at the north.
  17. Ah I see, I'm from Alicante.
  18. Burgos here :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. I think I've traveled through there a few times.
  20. You can meet eachother and make love like horrny espagnol bunnies
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