kile 4 admin

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Kyle, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. :HAHA: Let's try no

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  2. Lol NO

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  1. please vote in poll

  2. lol no.
  3. HWD'Z for admin
  4. :haha: at all posts.
  5. fuck you.

    I'm thinking I need to PM you soon
  6. Spelled your own damn name wrong!!!!
  7. I don't think you deserve it. Would rather see Dolph as a admin, since he actually is an active member and a good contributor to the site.
  8. inb4 some sig shit.

    Dolph deep down doesn't even want to be admin, imagine him reacting to my PM of Staff rules and saying he needs to tone down his shit. I don't think he or I would want that lol.
  9. tone down my shit?

    I don't agree with the notion that the tone of my shit is 'up' to begin with
  10. Your posts/actions as a Mod for example wouldn't be acceptable at all. As a user it's something you have which we all love.
  11. pfft. mods are just soft.
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