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  1. This is simple... meant for a time waster... MICS BRO?

    I'll post a picture of something and the next person will post a picture of something that would kill/destroy it.
    The person after that then posts a picture of something... and yada yada.

    Example (without pictures)
    User one : Paper
    User two : Fire
    User three : Water

    So I will start with something simple...
    (a tree)
  2. A man with a chainsaw

  3. [​IMG]
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  4. [​IMG]

    The "Noisy Cricket" gun from Men in Black
  5. What can someone post here that can kill/destroy a nuclear explosion? lol
  6. Aliens, and a ton of water.
  7. It was supposed to be Batista tearing his skinny jeans... it would defeat the nuclear bomb

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  8. and he posted a blue screen which means the TV show cut to blue screen thus destroying the picture of Batista's split jeans.. and I will post this..


    thus destroying the TV blue screen =)
  9. ah... i will retort
  10. upload_2014-7-6_23-56-25.jpeg

    Okay the premise behind this photo is that if a child is irresponsibly playing with fire than he/she will burn down a building making a fire extinguisher null and void.
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  11. [​IMG]
    The boy caught on fire.. he stopped, dropped, and rolled to destroy/kill the fire lol
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  12. upload_2014-7-7_0-3-24.jpeg

    Sweet, well if the kid runs out of the house frantically...he'll stop...drop...roll ...and the force (and the fire) will rip an old apple tree from its root and fall on top of the kid. My, oh my, have we come full circle
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  13. [​IMG]

    Lightning then strikes the tree setting it ablaze... now we've come full circle =)
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  14. upload_2014-7-7_0-14-6.jpeg

    Ever caught lightning in a bottle?
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