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  1. [​IMG]

    IT HAPPENED! It honest to god happened!

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  2. Steen could learn much older "superstars" how to pull off the proper character work in matches. I hope he drop the comedy and doesn't lose any pounds.
  3. Sounds awesome! So many new faces in NXT that I have no clue about thanks to my WWE-tunnel-vision. Pumped!
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  4. Cool news! WWE's bound to be awesome when Kenta, Devitt and Steen join the main roster! Holy shit!
  5. NXTs roster is now better than the main roster :lol1:

    Devitt/Kalisto should be a main feud ASAP.

    I also liked how they used the term burly instead of fat :steiner:
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  6. VERY cool. So many moves. What I see? An F-5, an RKO, a moonsault, his package piledriver, etc....

    Kind of looks like Patton Oswalt TBH though
  7. He's a solid worker. His strength lying in brawls. His biggest strength is charisma and talking. He's one of Stone Cold's favorite promo guys/workers right now as well as having a fan in the Rock (like legit)
  8. To add to my previous post:
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  9. Going to miss him using the Package Piledriver and he will not use the F 5 due to brock, A great addition to wwe, hope he still does some comedy stuff.
  10. That bit in your video @Stopspot - where he falls like the guy that just got blasted by the chair - GOLD. I must have watched that little bit a few times over. Such good timing on it.
  11. That guy is Sami Zayn. Under his fake Mexican name. Or so the legend says. Others say El Generico just went back to Mexico.
  12. You know I thought thats who that was. Nice
  13. It really happened, awesome.
  14. Generico is taking care of orphans in Mexico.
  15. Then there was that time we thought the cartels offed him. But it was a work
  16. He takes a lot of good bumps in that mask in that video Stop shared
  17. That him singing or a fan made song?
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