Impact Killer Kross finally given his release.

Kairi HoHo


Killer Kross has finally received his release from Impact Wrestling.

Sources tell us Kross and Impact came to an agreement this week that saw the two sides part ways after months of back and forth talks. We’re told as of this moment, however, the 34-year-old is now free to wrestle wherever he’d like.

Impact announced Kross’ release today on their website.

As we previously reported … Kross asked for a raise from Impact Wrestling earlier this year after his personal circumstances changed at home and more income was needed, but the company refused to give him what he was looking for. Instead, they suggested he get a second job.

Kross has been vocal about trying to get out of his contract since this became public.

Now that he’s free, it should be interesting to see where he lands next.
A long time coming. I'm still not happy how Kross handled the situation wanting more money perform and you'll get it, but now he's one of the biggest FA in Wrestling right now. Scoop him up someone!

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