Kinda miss Batista

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. After watching this fake video. :dawg:

    Sure he's not the best wrestler, but you start growing on characters when you watch them early on in your life.

  2. I did enjoy him, even though he wasn't a great wrestler, he had the look & size and knew how to piss people off.
  3. Heel Tista was really enjoyable, kissing babies and hugging fat girls.
  4. Would have loved to see him face The Rock.
  5. I watched this same Video a few days back and really thought it real until I noticed the date xD, I'd like to see him come back for abit though.
  6. His last heel run was magic, never liked him more than I did at that point. It's too bad he found his best performance only right before he left. That spotlight entrance was fantastic.
  7. Lord yes.

    "When I look at you people, all I see is dollar signs. There's a dollar, there's a dollar, ooh this fatass in the front row probably had to buy 2 seats" Dude was such a boss heel that he actually got people cheering for Cena
  8. Batista was really entertaining, one of the few babyfaces who didn't grow stale imo, his character was always entertaining, and even after his Heel turn he was awesome, his mic skills are great and as Rain said he got people to cheer for Cena, which is something no Heel in the current roster can do.
  9. His last heel run was simply great. Had fun with that. So I'd welcome him back, he'd be useful to build new stars.
  10. Agreed. Batista in that last heel run just said fuck it and started doing what he wanted to, which was pretty damn entertaining. I think he mentioned after he left that he didn't like the limitations that were being put on him.
  11. I thought this was going to be one of those threads on divas again.
  12. Loved his heel run.
  13. I miss him too..:downer:

    Was a big fan of his.
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