King and Petey on Inside iMPACT

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  2. You know who had to fight two dudes? Jenna Jameson.
  3. I liked the match. Not too much watching him as champion when the match ended but I liked it. Sorry for Zema...
  4. I don't like King.
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  5. I agree, KK sucks imo.
  6. He's OK in the ring, but that's about it. Really fucking bland otherwise.
    Reminds me of Kofi in a way.
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  7. Yeah, that's right, in the ring it's acceptable but he isn't good in front of the cameras when he has to speak, and his old theme was annoying at least for me, the new one is much better imo.
  8. Watch some of his RoH stuff when he had more freedom, then get back to me.
  9. Doesn't change the fact that he's lame as fuck on TNA, lol.
  10. IT DOES! :annoyed:
  11. Okay, take it easy there fella. No need to hurt anybody.