King of Flight tournament

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. This looks super boss.

    Basically Brian Kendrick has organized a 8 man single elimination tournament to crown the best high flyer (I'd guess in the Americas). Talent on it will be Ricochet (baws), Samuray del Sol (also baws), AR Fox (Kick Ass), Rich Swann (Oh yeah), Nick and Matt Jackson (Need I say more?), Paul London ( :obama: ) and Amazing Red (Nice to see him again). This is gonna be cool as hell.
  2. Awesome anything with Kendrick and i am interested
  3. Unless Kendrick is booking his buddy London to win this my prediction is that this is in Ricochet's pocket. Best high flyer not signed to the WWE right now. He has grown leaps and bounds since going to Japan.
  4. Yeah some of the thing he does just amazes me need to catch up on dragons gate been a while since i have watched
  5. I'm super stoked for Wrestlecon weekend. Gargano vs Shingo is booked. Youngbucks are also running roughshod
  6. Damn, this looks BOSS.

    Predicting Swann to win this thing.
  7. Gargano vs shingo sounds like a very good match for me, looking forward to it.
  8. Also Evolve will hold a tournament to crown the first Evolve champion. Ricochet and Taylor have been seeded to not need to wrestle first round. It's gonna be insane.
  9. sounds good i really need to catch up with the evolve product whats been the highlights of the past few shows?
  10. Callihan has feuded with Sabu (Even closed out the last show in the ECW arena ever standing over Sabu's beaten body cutting a promo) and then challenged Gargano for the Freedom Gate title, he is now in the Evolve title tournament. AR Fox is feuding with Ricochet, Jon Davis had an intense feud with Gargano for the freedom gate title with the only downside being that Davis is just uncharismatic. Taylor is leading a comical heel stable called the Gentleman's club. Del Sol feuded with and teamed with Generico for a lot of 2012 (Del Sol had an amazing year). SSB and The Scene are dominating the tag scene but I guess that with the Young Bucks in DGUSA and Evolve now that will be majorly shucken up.

    Over on the DGUSA side, Gargano's been Freedom Gate champ for over a year now, Tozawa is the main heel leading a stable called Mad Blankey with BXB Hulk and some others. Ricochet has his Fox feud as previously mentioned but is seemingly also in a mini one with Cima, who is tag champ with AR Fox.

    Also Uhaa Nation (da beast) was injured up until recently when he just returned at the return of Full Impact Pro.

    Evolve are also revamping a lot of their concepts, like the Win/loss records and such. A lot of changes for the better. Real potential to become the next big indy fed in America in my opinion.
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  11. thanks sounds good i shall be checking them out again
  12. I'm stoked as hell. Gabe seemingly has a chance to catch lightening in the bottle a second time here. Hopefully he can pull it off.
  13. Sounds cool, but I also think London will go over. Del Sol deserves t though, with the year he's had.
  14. Yeah, Del Sol is also worthy of winning even if he isn't on the level of Ricochet in my opinion. All guys are worthy to be honest.
  15. Bit of a bump but the poster for the event was published recently.


    London looks almost Asian.
  16. Seems like we will get more tournaments from Kendrick and company.

    His "promotion" and site is called King of. So it seems like they will be running a couple of shows a year which are just tournaments to crown kings of certain styles or such for that year. If every tournament becomes a recurring thing that could become a great indy promotion in my opinion. Rotating roster, unique shows every time. Sounds like fun.
  17. Marked for Amazing red in the corner :gusta:

    I'm hoping Swann picks up the win, IMO he'll be the top highflyer in a year or so and this could be his launch pad.
  18. The show was on the 24th. Del Sol won. It was said to be a great show.

    I think Swann went over London in the first round if I remember correctly.
  19. Well fuck my arse and call me Sally I thought you were hyping this today
  20. I always fap to Amazing Red matches. Amazing Red vs. Kurt Angle is the one I fapped the most to.
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