King Of Jordan To Bomb ISIS In Syria… Personally

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    Jordan confirmed on Wednesday that “The Jordanian King Abdullah II will participate personally on Thursday in conducting air strikes against the shelters of the terrorist ISIL organization to revenge the execution of the Jordanian pilot Maath al-Kassasba by the ISIL.”

    Media outlets reported the King Abdullah II as saying “The war against ISIL will not end and we will fight them in their shelters.”

    I must say, if true, this is VERY brave of him. I hope they show proof of this because I for one would be interested to see and know of it.

    UPDATE: Apparently, he has already been doing it! ”The Jordanian air force carried out air strikes against Islamic State targets in Mosul, killing 55 including a top IS commander known as the “Prince of Nineveh,” Iraqi media reported Wednesday.”



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  4. Okay. Best of luck with that.
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