King of The Mountain - Who is Competing?

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    Sunday at Slammiversary it is the highly anticipated return of The King of Mountain Match featuring The TNA Return of Jeff Jarrett. Jeff and his wife Karen shocked the world Wednesday night by returning to Impact Wrestling and Jeff announced he will be competing in the match he created.

    Tonight we will announcing the 4 competitors that will be joining Jeff Jarrett Sunday at Slammiversary in The King of The Mountain Match. Join us throughout tonight for the announcement of the next competitors in King of The Mountain.

    1st Competitor Announcement
    Video Footage of Jeff Jarrett entering King of the Mountain

    2nd Competitor

    3rd Competitor (9:00 PM ET)

    4th Competitor (9:30 PM ET)

    5th Competitor (10:00 PM ET)


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  2. They should create a wrestler called Krispen Wah, he'd kill the competition!!