Extreme Rules "Kiss Me Arse" Match ...really?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. What's Extreme about this stipulation? Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler should be having an Extreme Rules match, not a fucking one fall to the finish as the usual shit goes. I'm just ranting here, this doesn't put "Extreme" in Extreme rules.
  2. This is the actual name of the stipulation? I missed this.
  3. Yeah, check WWE.com
  4. Oh, this is great! WWE goes HBO, in terms of showing off nudity. Kewl. Can't wait to see Sheamus/DZ's arse.
  5. Are ALL matches on ER always no DQ? I legit can't remember this, but I'm pretty sure there's normally one or two regular matches in the middle. My problem with the stipulation is the obvious part lol
  6. The money that goes towards this could be enough to afford at least three Brock Lesnar appearances. Come on WWE
  7. I would prefer to watch Brie Bella cut another promo than watch this match.
    Come to think of it NO. :no::no::no::no::no:
  8. They probably bring out a fat chicks ass to kiss like the original match
  9. I can imagine the miz doing this, I can imagine tyson kidd and curtis axel, but I sure as hell can't imagine fucking sheamus wanting that. Even the challenge on smackdown felt like the most unnatural off-character moments In recent memory.

    I find it really hard to remain positive for this one, even though I enjoy both of these guys.
  10. At least Darren young is not involved in this match.
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  11. I dunno.... it might be extreme if Sheamus's ass is even whiter than the rest of him and the light shining on it causes the audience to go blind.
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  12. Anybody else hear them say "This is the first 'Kiss me Arse' match in WWE history" on commentary lately? Yeah, because it's not the same thing as a 'Kiss my Ass' match right? Oh fuck off ffs. I need to not hear the word arse for a long time after ER. It has run it's course for me for the time being.
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  13. The sad thing is that these guys could have had a hugely compelling Last Man Standing or just simple no-disqualification match without the silly "Kiss Me Arse" (sic) stipulation.

    I mean, all kidding and shitting on guys aside, both Sheamus and Dolph are tremendous in-ring performers who understand ring psychology well and can work their asses off.

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  14. If it were HBO we'd be seeing more than butts... and I'd be a happy woman. This is more like basic cable.

    Yeah, I know, it kind of irks me. It's pretty bad when the man who's accent they are playing off of even seems uncomfortable when he's saying it.
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  15. It was a waste of a stipulation. A tables match would've been More fitting here. How in the hell does this match push either competitor in the right, "serious" direction.
  16. Still a better love story than Twilight.

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Judging by the ending this should've been called a 'row-sham-bo' match
  19. Yep, it was a god damn waste of a good X-rules match
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