Knock Madness- Full Album

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    I'm listening to it now and it's been awesome so far,what are your thoughts?
    @CM Punk, @Crayo,have y'all heard it yet?
    Edit: Just finished the Hopsin/Tech track, man that was such a good collab. It's what the Kendrick/Eminem collab in the MMLP2 could've been.

    Edit #2: I just finished listening to the whole album and I liked it a lot, I'd have to say my favorite track was the school cypher near the end.
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  2. Listening to it now. Liking it so far. His style resembles Eminem's so much (too much at times).
  3. Really loving the first song.
  4. Man I hate rap.
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  5. but if the shoe fits wear it. I'll become a freak of nature all the kids stare at.
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  6. Thought his collab with Tech was disappointing.
  7. I heard Hop Is Back and was expecting so much, and was really let down.
  8. Hop Is Back is a dope tune
  9. Who the hell is hopsin?
  10. The musical artist who performs the album posted in the original post, sorry you got confused dear old chap.
  11. Thank you. I was lost, thought he did audiobooks or something.
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