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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. - Taryn Terrell was named "Knockout of the Month" on TNA's brand new Knockouts website. Embedded below is an footage of about Terrell talking about being the first "Knockout of the Month."

  2. Pointless. Nobody cares enough for something like that, even in the mens division.
  3. I'm the MOTM, me > her.
  4. I care. Hemme + Taryn = a long shower for me.
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  5. Blonde and a redo in the same shot = :tyson:
  6. Come on, she looks great but I wouldn't pick her as the KOTM, I'd pick Velvet Sky, she's more active, looks great too and wrestles better imo. But Velvet hasn't worked for Playboy like Taryn has :fap:
  7. TNA seems hell bent on pushing this bitch to the moon, sadly. She is awful.
  8. I'm with you, she has appeared a couple of times in PlayBoy and she's a bit famous because of that TNA seems like will make her the KO champion, in my opinion that wouldn't help the business unless you fap all day everyday
  9. She's hot as hell but a truly offensive actor, so pathetic. She is actually better as an in ring performer than as a promo cutter/interview giver at this point, how sad is that? because she is a poor man's Velvet Sky in the ring, and Velvet is... well, you've probably seen her matches lol/.
  10. Also now wrestling companies doesn't seem to look for wrestlers, they seem to look for bitches... It sucks, I prefer a good wrestler then a bitch... She shouldn't have been called to the main roster, she should have stayed in OVW a bit more imo
  11. If they want to hire sexy women to prance around in minimal amounts of clothing I'm all for it. Just don't fucking put them in the ring and waste Impact time on them wrestling. Make her a valet or interviewer, not a wrestler.
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  12. She was acceptable as referee too, but now as wrestler she is nothing good imo, and they've make her the KO of the month having fight only two times, other KO should represent better that title...
  13. :hmm: Riddle me this, what would you rather watch:

    Hamada vs ODB in a 5 star match


    Assmacher vs Terell in an evening gown match?
  14. Idk what a Hamada is and I sincerely doubt it could get 5 stars out of ODB, so I refuse to answer your question.
  15. I prefer Hamada vs ODB in a 5 star match, to see Taryn nude I search her playboy pics and for Tessmacher, I found a couple years ago a video where you can see her fake boobs and her ass
  16. [​IMG]
    That is Hamada a great, but not attractive female wrestler who worked in TNA a couple years back. As for ODB she's only in the question because she's hideous. Just imagine that she's amazing in the ring for 5 seconds whilst you answer the question.
  17. OK, then 5 star match EASILY. not even close.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. Even though you are joking, this is a really annoying response.
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