WrestleMania Knowing John Cena was the plan...

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  1. AJ Styles

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  2. Dean Ambrose

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  3. Sheamus

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  4. Kevin Owens

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  5. Finn Balor

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  6. Dolph Ziggler (lolololol)

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  7. OTHER

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  1. Knowing John Cena was the planned wrestler to face Undertaker at Wrestle Mania, and the almost certain fact that they scrapped the Bran plan... Who do you think he should face? Vote and explain your thoughts.

    The options in the poll are the most suggested wrestlers to face him as of right now. Not my opinions.
  2. This guy: :ko:

    Also, I love how that DZ option was written... :lol1:
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  3. :reigns:
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  4. or The Ryback, so Undertaker can finally die like the old piece of shit he is
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  5. To be fair... I added him in for shites and giglers.
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  6. Face cena was going to battle face taker. No doubt his would draw fans.

    As of now, cena can't fight. So, the best option is Ambrose. Let face Ambrose battle a somewhat a heelish taker. It would be gold. The fans would eat it up.

    Dean is he most over face right now so let him step in cenas shoes.
  7. Inb4 Brothers of Destruction vs Wyatts :pity1:
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  8. I read that Kevin Owens pitched the idea to Vince that he be the one to face Taker but Vince didn't like the idea. Just kinda laughed at it so as of know Taker doesn't have an opponent. WM is only getting closer and closer so they have to find an opponent ASAP.
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  9. Why, so nobody can give a shit about that yet again? :haha:

    Guess they CAN do Taker and Kane against Bray and Strowman if they plan on putting Strowman over, it's a hell of a lot better of an option... Then again that leaves no opponent for Lesnar (AMBROSE THO) (EVEN SHEAMUS) (LITERALLY ANYONE)

    If they're trying to give a big win to the big guy of the future? Baron Corbin.

    As for trying to replace Cena, you can't really do that, can you? It was the previously unbeatable at Wrestlemania monster vs SuperCena, conquerer of everything... You can't just replace the "bigness" and "unpredictability" of that match.

    Still, if I'm WWE, I'd talk to Cena about it. They can make it work without further injuring Cena's shoulder.

    Voting for Balor though
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  10. I still think they're gonna roll with Lesnar vs Wyatt. Guess we'll know for sure a week from Sunday.

    I'm not a fan of Corbin, but yes, anyone but Strowman vs Taker. Please and thank you.

    You know I'd mark out for my boy Bálor, but the odds of that happening are rather small.

    As we all know, his ankle's injured and he's got about a month and a half to heal up before defending his title against Joe at TO: Dallas.
  11. When have you known of someone to wrestle while injured? And how can they make it work without further injury? Injuries always happen without planning them.
  12. a ton of people work hurt constantly, it's a huge selling point on why we all say wrestling is a lot less fake than people say.
  13. Brian Lee in a revival of the oft revered Undertaker vs Undertaker concept.
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  14. They've wrested through a match while injured, but what I meant to ask when has someone came back while on injury leave to wrestle before being cleared.

    Cena is known to come back early though, so who knows. Maybe he'll be back in time.
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  15. Kevin Owens is the best choice. I could also see them choosing Sheamus.

    John Cena might be back in time. Go to his twitter and see thE kind of weight he's pushing already.
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  16. I am hoping for a Taker vs Cena feud and Cena puts him in retirement for good... as a HEEL!
  17. Likely just a stupid thing I said lol.
    Cena's worked hurt before, and I've got a lot of faith in these two guys to be able to avoid any rough shoulder bumps while still putting on quite a good match.

    As for Prince Balor's reply, WWE really does need a Big Show replacement. There's plenty of good indy talent they've signed, but how many bigs are there? Corbin seems like the best one if you're gonna use this to develop a guy, it's a much better option than Brawn that's for sure... It sounds crazy but with the recent push Titus was on, maybe they could have validated that but that's out lol... Shoot it is hard to pick a strong dude in WWE to.. wait a minute.


    Big E vs the Deadman, lets go!

    (I'm also leaving Owens out because the answer to "Who would you like _____________ to face at Wrestlemania" is always "Kevin Owens, please and thank you!" We can't fantasy book 10 Kevin Owens matches)
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  18. A heel Cena would be perfect! I would book it like this: Have Cena return on time (if possible, of course) and challenge Undertaker to a WM match. Undertaker accepts but under one condition. If he loses, he retires for good. Then at WM it's Face Cena (or so we think) vs. Face Undertaker. Towards the end of the match, Cena unleashes hell on Undertaker, beating him left and right as if he doesn't care he's gonna retire Undertaker and pins him 1, 2, 3.

    Just brainstorming here but remember when Shawn Michaels retired Ric Flair and Shawn actually looked like he felt bad retiring his old friend? Well this would be the opposite.
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