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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. It finally happened and in a fashion I didn't expect. Triple h not only eliminates roman reigns but also eliminates Seth Rollins. I sense a face turn for Rollins soon as KO is clearly the next big heel.

    I'm beyond happy that this guy finally won the top prize. The fact that he's more than deserving and couldn't seem to catch a break, makes this all the better.

    KO is the man and let's show some love or thoughts on KO's biggest victory yet.
  2. He's not the man tho. The way he won the title negates that. Actually very similar to Rollins in that regard

    He has the potential to be the man with time and work, but he isn't. Owens winning the belt was not the main story of that main event. Triple H came back to prove that part time > full time yet again
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  3. Not really haha. If you look at Kevin Owens' character over the years, this is exactly the way he should have won his first major title. It works perfectly for him. Not everyones first major title win has to be because they worked hard and they fought their hearts out for it. It doesn't always have to be such a clean and respectful victory. KO is one of the sleaziest characters wrestling has ever had and I think this is 100% the perfect way for him to win his first major championship. He's already proved he's the man with time and work, idk what you mean by that, just look at his WWE history so far. From being NXT champion, to beating John Cena on his first night on RAW, to winning the IC title, and having great moments this year, he has definitely proved he is worthy of being top dog. Owens winning the belt might not have been the "main story" but his win is not any less special just because HHH helped him or because "Part time > full time", because that is exactly the way Owens has been winning belts his whole career. He does't give a damn how he does it, but in the end he is the man, and he deserves it.
  4. When the main title is on the line, it should be the main focus, not secondary to McMahonmania. Owens has been built since he arrived in NXT as an ass kicker who can get the job done by himself. But he needed Triple H to come out and pedigree Seth and Roman to win.

    The NXT stuff is not relevant because it is a completely different animal to main roster WWE with different rules. And the way Kevin was built in the midcard means his character SHOULD have been able to win a major championship on his own. They took a guy who was billed as a price fighter who never backed down from fighting, and turned him into your standard chicken shit heel who needed help for someone who is "retired" to win the belt.
  5. I mean I get where you're comin from, but his character to me has always been yes, an asskicker that can get the job done, but at the same time, he is that classic chickenshit, cowardly heel. It's kinda always been that way since ROH in my eyes. Like if he needs to do something on his own, he will do it no problem, and usually wreck havoc doing it, but if he has someone helping him do the cheap route on the side, it's almost 100% guaranteed Kevin will take that option. I mean recently he's even had Jericho help him win a couple matches.

    Usually I'd agree with you and would say no one needed to get involved, but I think it works with Kevin's character personally. He's always been the tough dude who can hold his own but sometimes takes the easy way out, because well, it's easier. Also I just think it was extremely unexpected for HHH to get involved at all, nonetheless turn on Seth, and I think unpredictability is what makes wrestling so terrific. It made that moment even better for me. I know it was for a major belt but even so, with Finn's unexpected injury, I think this was a great way to keep people interested.
  6. How is he a chickenshit? He's never backed away from fights, confrontations or anything of the sort that would indicate that he is one. The basis of his big face turn in ROH was that he got pissed off at the other heels getting involved in his mathces and fights.

    Kevin Owens/Steen has never been a character who's been known to take the "easy" way out. Quite the opposite. He's always been willing to make it harder if it means he gets to inflict more pain on his opponent.
  7. In terms of accepting challenges and such, no I don't think he's necessarily chickenshit. But his promos and his demeanor certainly are. And there have been times in WWE even where in matches he shows signs of being a chickenshit heel. i mean shit even last night, right off the bat, he rolled out of the ring and let the others fight it out for a while. There's been times where he has ran away from Sami Zayn during their feud, and it's not like he's John Cena and never ever says no to fights. I know you're just trying to talk about his main roster run, but i'm talking about his character overall, and throughout ROH and NXT, there were many many times where he'd deny having a fight with someone because they don't deserve it or because of some other heel reason. All I'm saying is I think HHH helping him fits his character just fine. It could have been Jericho interfering and helping him, or anyone really, I feel like the interference didn't take anything away from the win. Especially considering he'll probably be holding the title for a while and will get plenty more opportunity to prove he's better than that and that he truly deserves it. I know it was his first major title win, but I thought it was perfect for Kevin Owens.
  8. If AJ Styles wins at Backlash then we're about to have AJ, KO, and Shinsuke as champions. Talk about a power trio
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  9. Hunter getting involved made Kevin a geek champion. It's fine when it happens now and again. But every single heel champion since CM Punk bar Brock have been this way. It's not new, it's not fresh, it's not fun.
  10. I am sort of split on the two sides of the discussion here. I would have like to have seen someone just win on their own merits. However, I am also a Ric Flair style fan and many of Ric Flair's title wins were matches with some sort of strange goings on or help from the Horsemen. However, after he won the belt, he nearly always took on all comers and when his back was up against the wall, he could win a match completely clean. So it doesn't NECESSARILY bother me that Owens' victory came the way that it did because I really liked the moment and I liked the fact that someone new got the belt.

    I am going to employ a wait and see strategy. Depending on how Owens defends the belt going forward will ultimately decide how I see him as champion. If he ends up with a run like Seth did, then it will be a crappy reign. If he ends up taking on all comers and just having a solid reign without Triple H being involved... then I'll probably enjoy it.

    So, although I sort of agree that I would have preferred he won it on his own... I'll wait and just the championship reign based on the reign itself
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  11. The way KO won the belt gives him heat. And creates a way for Rollins to turn face... Show that triple h has moved on. I don't think the chick shjt character suites KO at all, I agree. But, it can be good for him for a short while. They pushed Rollins chicken shit run for too long and it was dumb. Now look at Rollins. He doesn't need anyone involved and is a beast.

    I hope they learned from their mistakes and KO doesn't keep this gimmick for too long.
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  12. All I know is that my favorite RAW moment in a long ass time. Watched it over again and it made me even happier. We'll see how the reign goes, I don't think he's a geek champion just because he won it based on interference, this entire rest of the feud can easily be clean victories and he could look dominant as hell. Don't think anyone should underestimate him as a champion just because he won it how he did, give it time. I think we'll look back on this in a couple years and realize how dope it was.
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  13. Yes, you definitely are now! :ko:
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  14. I couldn't agree more. Well put. I'm with ya on this one.
  15. This is awesome. He actually made that shitty Universal title look cool.
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  16. That looks awesome. I think his reign will be good. I'm being optimistic that they learned from their mistakes with Rollins
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  17. I fucking hope so.

    If he gets to be booked the same way he was in NXT, then everything will be a-okay.
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