Clash of Champions KO vs Rollins (Thoughts?)

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    "WWE universal champion Kevin Owens defeated Reigns on Monday night's Raw, meaning he will defend the belt against Seth Rollins in a singles match. Had Reigns prevailed, it would've been a Triple Threat match."
    The above makes me think Reigns is going to interfere in one form or another. This can actually make the ending bad depending on what happens. I am sure the match itself will be the MOTN. With how people are viewing Clash of Champions right now, they are going to have to put on one heck of a show. Backlash did a lot better than many expected and SmackDown in general is doing better than Raw all around.

    What are your thoughts on this match?
  2. Reigns will be busy with Rusev, therefore I don't expect him to get involved in this match. However, HHH will interfere and cost Rollins the match.

    Given that CoC is a PPV prior to HIAC, they're pretty much telling us most of the matches on the card will have screwy finishes and then will get blown off at HIAC.
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  3. An interference is the only way I see this match ending. Triple H is going to come from outta nowhere again and give Owens the upperhand. Just makes sense and sets up for a 1v1 rematch or a triple threat (Owens/Reigns/Rollins)at HiaC. As for the match itself, it's sure to be good, probably will end up being the best match of the night...but then again Zayn Vs. Jericho is happening...
  4. HHH always interfering will make KO look weak though, to me at least.
  5. Owens is a heel, heels cheat to win. Besides I'm alright with it asking as it means KO's reign continues.
  6. Point 1: It would be dumb to give KO the title, particularly in the manner they did, and then have him lose the title in his first PPV defense. Not that WWE wouldn't do that, but it just seems like, with the better booking they've displayed recently, they won't.

    Point 2: I actually have no problem with HHH "always" helping KO keep the title so long as it leads to something down the road. My only concern for Owens character-wise is that WWE has had in the past a bad habit of doing something that opens the door for a really interesting story and then just walking away and forgetting that door was ever opened. Again, the improvements in booking we've seen over the course of the last several months would suggest that this likely won't happen and we'll get an actual storyline out of this involving HHH, KO, and, I'm thinking, probably some other recent NXT call-ups, creating almost an "NXT TakeOver" (to borrow a phrase) of the main roster. This could even lead to something along what the Nexus angle could have/should have been.

    Also, and this is a very minor Point 3: There was no actual guarantee KO was going to lose that four-way elimination match had HHH not come out; it simply served as a means to an end. KO was in no immediate danger of being eliminated and Rollins and Reigns were outside focused on each other. Thus, the HHH interference was obviously geared more toward a "HHH wants KO to be champion", rather than "KO can't win matches on his own". This is a small point, but it's one that suggests that KO's not being booked as weakly as might otherwise be indicated.

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  7. This could be a 5 star match, but who knows what shenanigans WWE are planning.
    KO retains.
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  8. I agree, KO retaining is the safest bet.

    As far as shenanigans go, I think one of the simplest could be a ref bump, followed by HHH entering the ring and hitting Rollins with a Pedigree which would allow KO to retain... Or, simply a distraction where HHH's music hits, Rollins has his attention turned to HHH, KO capitalizes on it by laying him out with a Pop-up Powerbomb and he retains.
  9. Yup I'm also so on board the HHH/KO train. It just seems like the obvious choice, and like many others, it's a welcomed act. I've got noooo problem with trips interfering in one form or another (hell, the simple music/video distraction actually seems like the best choice, I think).
    Besides, KO as champion is fucking awesome. He's hands down the best on the mic, got awesome in ring work, and his heel work is just perfect. He's the perfect storm right now and I'm really hoping that creative rides this wave.
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  10. #KOMANIA I can't see KO losing that belt just yet and I also want him to start winning clean because he is just that good, But he is a heel so cheating fits the role I can't argue with it its been like that since the beginning remember all those old school pokes to the eye
  11. I can't see KO losing the belt this early especially when the authority (AKA triple h) have decided that he is the new "chosen one" so if KO does not win by pinfall then definitely by DQ (AKA someone attacking Rollins) which will officially cement Rollins as an official Babyface in the world of WWE (AKA Vince Mcmahon's mind)
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