Kobe not giving a fuck

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    dude is unflappable!
  2. Dude just does not give a shit ha. What a friggin boss. Gah, why'd I use that word, I hate that. What a boss.
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  4. What? Who?
  5. that's from the finals the last time the Lakers were there. Chris Rock had court side seats. tried to chat Kobe up. Kobe wasn't having it.
  6. No no I know, I was acting like that's what Kobe was saying when Chris Rock was trying to get his attention
  7. Barnes is just a bitch. Always startin shit and a pussy.
  8. yea I hate that guy. didn't really like him when he was a warrior even
  9. I loved that Kobe didn't flinch. One of my favorite kobe moments.
  10. Where do the Bucks even play? Is there a High School Gym in Milwaukee they borrow now? I have never met a single person in WI who has paid to get into a Bucks game, and the few i know who have attended sit VIP because we don't pay for security there. WISCO.
  11. that second gif is so much gold
  12. Matt Barnes is a local kid. He was LeBron James in Sacramento before he went to UCLA.
    He went from adored and adulated to people not giving a sh**. He had to adapt.

    Kobe's fierce, he can't be loving what his team is looking like in the twilight of his career.
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