Kofi a dangerous worker?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Kofi Steiner? :steiner:
  2. Never trust pseudo-Jamaicans :pity1:
  3. Well the stuff he does, seems very dangerous. I.E Trouble in Paradise, that can't be accurate all the time xD
  4. ^The Miz can attest to that. :lol1:
  5. The Miz takes kicks to the face like a bitch. I still cringe thinking back to him having to sell a brogue kick. He throws both hands up like 4 seconds early. Jee Miz, scared of a little boot to the mug?
  6. He got more reliable the more matches he had. While Kofi may be seen as one of the better workers in WWE now, it wasn't long ago where he was a frequent botcher and pretty dangerous. Though now I put him into the same category as Dolph, because he's reliable and makes his opponents look a million bucks.
  7. He wants to protect this:


    Wouldn't you? :pity2:
  8. Except Ziggler isn't black, so he has a chance to get a real push still


    Also ofc Ziggler is 10 X better than Kofi. I agree there are similarities, but at best Kofi is a poor man's Ziggler + High cross body drops
  9. Nah. I'd look better in that suit than Miz does though.
  10. That's ironic because now Kofi is far too safe in the ring.
  11. I'd protect it, to give it some time with sweet lady Brick. :pity:
  12. Kofi needs to take time off and come back with other gimmick
  13. Well, it's good that he's improved now. But indeed he seemed to be dangerous a while ago.
  14. Doesnt surprise some of Kofis move do come with a high risk factor compared say to an RKO.
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