Kofi and Truth's Title reign coming to an end.?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Victoria Justice, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. So after what happened on raw

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    Titus and Darrel taking out truth is it time for new tag champs

  2. Whatever you say i disagree with. I have been waiting for months for them to get it, well before PTP. The tag finisher is amazing.
  3. Wouldn't mind it. Prime Time Players are a great tag team, and we need a real team to have the championships, plus I'm sure Prime Tie Players can get in a good feud with The Usos after they're done with Kofi & R-Truth and Epico & Primo.
  4. There's no reason for it not to come to an end. This is now Kofi's 2nd title reign that's essentially buried him, and he's never been more irrelevant than he is right now.

    PTPers can do good things with the belts since they're an entertaining team, as long as they get some sort of spotlight.
    Will that happen? No.
  5. I will be glad to see kofi and r truth lose the titles. They haven’t contributed anything towards the tag team division and i feel they would struggle to even if they were given the right opportunity. PTP have a very good gimmick and are very over as heels. I really like them and would be extremely disappointed if they didn’t win the titles at summerslam. They’ve got a real good chance at helping the division and I could see them having a good feud with the ascension once they make their debut on the main show. Hopefully PTP wont be fucked over because of recent events
  6. Where was Kofi last night, hmm?
  7. In Asia with the SD roster I think.
  8. They need to take it off Kofi/Truth, badly. Truth should turn heel again and feud with Kofi, where Kofi goes over.
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  9. Bring in the rekking crew and have ptp vs rekking crew. Young up and comers battling for titles.
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  10. Truth beating up Kofi, turning crazy heel again while giving PTP the titles would be very nice, I think.
  11. :true:
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