Kofi Kingston Amazing Handstand

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen at any Royal Rumble.

    Kofi Kingston did the imppossible by doing a handstand and not being eliminated

  2. unreal! still dont believe it even when i keep seein it! amazing!
  3. It was amazing. I'm unsure if I prefer Kofi's or Jomo's tbh. Both were great examples of athleticism.

  4. I liked Morrisons too, but Kofi's was more epic because Rhodes pushed his feet away, and it didn't even do anything to Kofi.
  5. Even though both of them were good, I think Kofi's was better.
  6. @[seabs], I kind of wish Kofi would have won the rumble. I would love for him or Sin Cara to be champion.
  7. @[RKO] I'm not sure on him winning the rumble but he should have been WWE champion by now definitely. Look how over he was during his feud with Orton in late 2009. I can pretty much guarantee Cara will hold at least one world title during his WWE career.
  8. Kofi feuded with Orton?

    I hope Cara ends up accomplishing a lot of things like Mysterio did. Like he should win the IC title first, feud with Rhodes, then he should go after the WWE title.
  9. Yeah they feuded in 2009.

    One of Kofi's promos from it :

    And a really nice boom drop :

    I agree about Cara also he needs a proper build.
  10. Kingstons by far in my opinion. That was incredible.

    Kingston should definitely be WWE champion by now, but back when his push was initiated he did botch a few times.
  11. Wasn't it Randy who got his push halted with the stupid incident? Or was that just a rumor?
  12. Rumour. Randy did publicly vent his frustration at Kofi though when he was meant to be in punt position. I think people talk about superstars like Orton, Cena & Punk too much about them being basically power behind closed doors. They're big stars but they don't control as much as people think.

    Everyone thought Orton was the reason Kennedy was fired for years, but in his shoot on TNA he basically says it was HHH.
  13. Kennedy had skill. I always like him on WWE. I hate him on TNA.
  14. He does seem like he needs someone like Vince to stop him going over board with a gimmick.
  15. Kennedy is the older version of CM Punk imo.
  16. I personally find him to be closer to the Miz's gimmick.
  17. Isn't Kennedy a face right now? If so, that's why I say CM Punk. But Kennedy plays the role of Cody Rhodes as well imo. He's cocky, and arrogant.
  18. Yeah he's a face but he's more the cocky loudmouth brawler whilst Punk's the best wrestler in the world arrogant guy.
  19. That was way better than JOMOs...imagine if he fell or something that was incredible and really high risk he deserves another push, i think he have learned a lesson from the Orton incident.
  20. Agreed. Maybe a more badass version.