Kofi Kingston Gets A New Tag-Team Partner?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 21, 2012.

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  2. So basically Kofi get's whooped all match and then mason get's the hot tag and wins? God this is going to be awful why not use Trent Barretta? He's essentially a drug free Evan Bourne.
  3. Kofi really can't catch a break, lol.

    I'm sorry but RYAN? Wonder how WWE will explain this.
  4. Probably just have them wander out together and declare they want a tag team title shot.
  5. Haha no mention of Evan at all? Wouldn't put it past them to be honest.
  6. Did they even mention him during his last suspension actually?
  7. No but they didn't even compete in any matches. With Ryan there it'd be awkward as hell.
  8. You guys don't give Mason Ryan enough credit.. He's still new, I'm sure Jayfabe will make him better.
  9. Exactly, he's still new. He should still be in FCW learning how to wrestle properly. He's too green (wrestling term for a bad wrestler basically). Not going over good wrestlers because he looks like Batista. My opinion of course.
  10. You do realize he began training in 2006 right? He's been in FCW since 2009 yet he's still dangerous in ring. Some guys aren't cut out to be wrestlers. I love how he apparently said he didn't want to be called up as early as he was but still.
  11. Yeah time doesn't matter in my opinion. Riley was a great wrestler to watch in FCW, I'd of put him hands down above Miz as a better wrestler, but look where he is in WWE, Miz is much more safe and relatively decent now. Riley was sent back down for a short period then on Superstars learning the trade further.