Kofi Kingston injured

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by mh0707, May 29, 2013.

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    Please return as a heel
  2. There have been rumors for a Kofi heel turn, maybe his return could start that.
  3. Kofi is one of the best faces to put up against heels though, they'll need to replace him. Who would have thought Kofi was actually important? But yeah, I'm not as optimistic as most regarding his heel turn. I've not seen much of him as a heel - or none at all - so it'll be pretty weird to see him that way.
  4. He'll come back and float in nothingness again.
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  5. So we need a face jobber... Sin Cara!

  6. Ryder could work too, I guess
  7. He'll come back as a Brazilian instead of South African or Jamaican, maybe that'll help him get over.
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  8. Sounds about right.
  9. Maybe the push of Ryder is to have an over midcard face, so Kofi can come back as a heel. Fuck Kofi hate, the dude is awesome.
  10. I remember sitting here watching when Kofi went through a table, "well were not seeing him for a few months."

  11. Awesome idk, and I am one of his supporters. He is a talented but stale midcarder who if freshened up can definitely become a lot more entertaining than he has been lately. Kofi and the fans deserve this heel turn. babyface Kofi has run its course.

    He isn't overly invovlved with make a wish is he?

    Sorry kids, John Cena couldn't make it, but we have someone elllllllllllllse! Kofi, come on out!

    Kid- "Kofi kingston? I don't want to meet that Jamaican jobber!"
  12. Don't think he is too involved. I hate it when people quote me and have issues with the adjective I used lmao. I think it's awesome when my Chinese arrives actually hot, and not just warm.
  13. Idiot.
  14. Genius.
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