Kofi Kingston pushed again?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. After the Orton incident which halted his push do you think that he's been getting a push lately as of the win against Miz on Monday Night Raw?

    I think he's getting one and he truly deserves it after that successful handstand.
  2. I doubt he's getting a push. It was just to legitimize him a bit for the EC. He deserves a push for maintaining a decent level of overness whilst being cast into obscurity not because of a headstand spot imo.
  3. No it's not because of a handstand but that handstand gained the most attention above everything that happened in the Royal Rumble it was trending in Twitter and Kofi gained so much attention for it so i think that they're trying to push him again as it seems so, the win against Miz shocked me i was starting to believe Kofi was becoming a jobber just like JOMO.
  4. Jomo's spot at the last years rumble gained the most attention then. It didn't lead to him getting a big push though did it? He won against the Miz to make him look like a threat in the EC as he's filler in that match. Everyone else has a reason to be there.
  5. Hmm could be true, but i hope they give him a push as he personally deserves it.
  6. I hope so to. Kofi should have held a world title at least once by now. He was one of the most over people in the WWE in late 2009.
  7. As seabs said, it's to legitimize his place I think. Else it's completely random why he's there. Miz is already established, Truth is in because of Miz, Punk & Jericho are established and Ziggler was the former #1 contender.
  8. Yesterday before RAW, we all thought he was just a spot filler. Now, it looks like he deserves to be there.
  9. He should of already been WWE Champion by now to be honest.
  10. This just shows how good The Miz is. Despite being Truth's bitch one win over him makes someone look like they belong in a WWE title match.
  11. Amen!
  12. Like others have said, I believe he's only one to make it look like he's a legitimate contender for the Elimination Chamber when he's a spot filler.
  13. I see him getting a push towards some title maybe not the WWE one yet! Feel for the guy as due to the Boune situation he's in limbo instead of feudin with Epico an Primo an the Uso's for the tag belts! Which is why i see him gettin a push to something!
  14. I wouldn't mind him feuding with Rhodes on SmackDown. He could be the guy to take the title off Rhodes whilst Rhodes moves up to the main event. Could happen like a month before mania, and then Rhodes goes and wins the MITB match.
  15. was thinkin similar as he'd make a good intercontinental champ an as u say cody could then move up to the ME!
  16. I don't think this is a push for Kofi at all. This is just a filler to fill the spot for Raw's Elimination Chamber. But I am however impressed how Miz lost clean to Kofi. That is something I didn't see coming on Raw.
  17. Same, since Miz has been one of their poster stars for a while now.
  18. I guess it was bound to happen sooner then later. Miz has certainly been that for a year now.
  19. It's hard to say. I'd like to see him cemented as an upper midcarder, but idk what could do it. He's had plenty of mid card title reigns, and still just feels like a run of the mill mid carder most of the time.

    I can't see Vince ever putting him in the Main Event really
  20. Can't see him put ion the main event either, but can see him hopping in & out of it like Jericho used to do. Kingston had the look when Tyson guest hosted and Kofi interrupted Sheamus, Orton & Cena.