Kofi Kingston.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saylor, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. This thread is dedicated to Kofi Kingston and your opinions. What is your opinion of Kofi Kingston? As in, do you think he's ever going to be a main eventer? Has he got the mic skills? Do you think he's a Shelton Benjamin, Hardy? You don't have to answer all questions. You can create your own questions and answer them yourselves. I want to see your honest opinions on Kofi Kingston.

    Kofi Kingston has just recently lost his Intercontinental Championship to Wade Barrett. With his lose you'd expect him to further gain the rankings and climb up a little bit. I personally don't think WWE are going to do that with him the reason being is that I just can't realistically see him in the main event feuding with the likes of CM Punk. He is a great athlete and is over with the fans with his awful gimmick but aslong as he's over with the crowd that's what matters, right? His feud with Randy Orton was awesome. I mean, you could see him possibly feuding with CM Punk in the main event in the future but at the moment there's no room for that.
  2. I would personally mark for a Kofi/Punk feud. There'd be history to it and would be pretty epic.

    I like Kofi, though. I could actually picture him main eventing, but that's just me, I guess.
  3. He's talented and I like the way he wrestles BUT His gimmick is just lame , he's boring and the crowd doesn't react to the boom boom boom stuff
  4. The feud would be good however meh. If Kofi Kingston's the WWE Champion and then maybe it'd evolve into a worthy and entertaining feud. But, I dunno.
  5. Don't think he'd be champion anytime soon, imo. He's a mid-carder, but then again so was Ryback and look where he is now.

    I personally really like him, though his mic skills are average.
  6. Ryback can work in the main-event of any show to be honest whether that's RAW or SmackDown. Maybe it's because he's a big muscular guy, who knows.

    Kofi Kingston will most likely feud someone from the likes of Antonio Cesaro after he's done with Wade Barrett.
  7. Liked him in his Orton feud with the more aggressive attitude, haven't really liked anything else from him. He puts on great matches and all, but he doesn't strike me as much of a character.
  8. I think it's purely because of his gimmick. If he was more of a vicious force with a mean streak and wasn't so green then maybe he'd appeal to us more.
  9. The thing that gets me most with Kofi is that there is so many guys saying he should be pushed, and that he's so 'hungry', but has he improved since he's arrived at the 'E? I'd maybe be able to get behind the guy more if it actually looked like he was putting a concerted effort into improving his weaknesses - mic work, look and generally freshening up his gimmick. Additionally, I don't find his ring work to be nearly as good as a lot of people make it out to be, really average worker with a couple of interesting moves is just about it for me really.
  10. I understand what you're saying and that's a respectable opinion. If Kofi Kingston was given a few new moves, a better theme, a new mean and aggressive Kofi Kingston and improved on his mic skills and had a good feud with someone with the likes of Antonio Cesaro what would you think? He does seem to have the potential in all honesty.
  11. Likewise. If he were to be given a new theme and a slightly less annoying gimmick then who knows - I might start finding him more interesting. But that isn't gonna happen and until he shows me that he's more than just an average midcarder then I'm going to continue not caring about him. And if he had mic skills, who knows, I might like him. But if Sheamus weren't an annoying ginger buffoon who perpetuated annoying anecdotes about his most likely incestuous relatives then I might like him as well.

    For years people have been going on about how Kofi just needs to do this or that to become a main eventer - but in reality he shows no signs of improving and at the moment he's nowhere near the standard, or overness, required to make the step up.
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  12. Great contribution. Yeah, I agree. At the moment he doesn't show signs of anything maybe because he hasn't really had a chance to shine like Zack Ryder has had in the past, etc. One can argue that he didn't really receive a chance (Zack Ryder) but he was defiantly involved in the main event for a while, though. Now with that being said what if Kofi Kingston had that opportunity? Maybe we'd see him in a total different complexion. But at the moment he does seem to have that mid-card for life feel to him.
  13. Doesn't he still have his same theme from when he had that Jamaican gimmick? Lmao, racism ftw.
  14. I think so. If he does go to the main-event or higher up, at-least a slight character change would fit perfectly with a new music theme. A good feud and more time on the mic.
  15. A feud with CM Punk has a bit of potential. Considering their history as tag team champions and riding together, Kofi might have some kayfabe dirt on Punk. He could get into his head, and like others have said, be really aggressive. I'm not saying make him champ by any means, but for a month long feud that blows off at a lesser PPV, why not. Give him his one chance, and see if he can run with it.
  16. I'm pretty sure he'll be able to run with it if he's given the opportunity. Not to forget R Truth did have a little feud with John Cena at one point. If R Truth was given that opportunity, why not Kofi?
  17. Well he didn't do much with his IC reign, so they might not want to give him a chance at a world title.
  18. There isn't much to do. I mean, Cody Rhodes once he had the title made the title worth a little something but since then it's been nothing. They need to put Kofi Kingston in a feud with CM Punk for the WWE Championship in the future to further evolve his career.
  19. I know most of it is booking, but he brought in this wildcat thing. The commentators were trying to get it over, but he never really changed. If he took it to Wade and was more aggressive on the mic and in the ring, I think he'd still be the champ. You can be brutal and still be a face.
  20. If he did show an aggressive side to an already 'aggressive' Wade Barrett then we'd have an interesting feud. This would show he's twice as aggressive, more hungry and serious. I've got a feeling this is going to happen furthering their feud.
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