Kofi Kingston.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Can this guy ever break into the ME? He's fantastic and grossly overrated. He's easily one of the best wrestlers in WWE. He can carry people to good matches and make poor wrestlers look good.

    Him & Dolph in the tag-team match at OTL were fantastic.
  2. You said he was overrated in the post. Don't you mean underrated?

    Well, I really like him and he's talented. I don't know if he could break into the Main Event, he's not a very good mic worker... but I don't doubt it too.
  3. Well, they tried, and it succeeded, then Orton went all Triple H on him for something small and silly... People who pay attention say he's a botch machine, but I see a guy that shines whenever he gets the chance. He had some 10+ Minute Matches with Jericho recently on SD that were very good (shocking, I know), and always impresses whenever he's allowed to do more than just a few moves... but his few moves he always does in the 3 minute tag matches are getting really old, really fast. Really want to see him in more long singles matches (lol)

    It's a shame that he's been in the exact same spot for the past 6 years if you ignore his mega-push, and when a face is that stagnant for that long people tend to feel pretty apathetic towards the guy. Kofi marks are still happy to see the guy, but just don't really have a reason to care since they've given up hope on him winning the title.
  4. Apparently it wasn't Orton who got him depushed. Orton gets the blame quite a lot, like he did for Mr Kennedy, but Kennedy said himself it was HHH.

    I loved it when Kofi interrupted that segment with Sheamus, Mike Tyson, Orton & Cena. Kingston looked like he belonged.
  5. Yes, they give him midcard titles once in a while but never a good reign, rare segments, rare good feuds, etc. He's been with the same act and position for quite some time before as mentioned, but when given the time he's a very good wrestler, that's true.
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