Kofi on the Rock

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. He speaks the truth.
  2. Very nice for Kofi. I still think we're going to see him as midcard champ forever though, could be wrong. I'd like to see him as a main eventer.
  3. He can get to the top by learning how to talk on the mic and give good promo, pretty obvious.
  4. Kofi seems to suck up to alot of the higher ups doesnt he lol first hes buddies with CM Punk and travels on his tour bus and now hes sucking up to Dwayne to find out how he made it. Kofi your not fooling anyone just stop sucking up
  5. Though, I'm sure Kofi and Punk are friends in real life, that tag team thing was just for the storyline.

    And how does he "keep sucking up to higher ups" if you only had one other example?
  6. Kofi and Punk have friends since Punk started in the WWE. How is that sucking up?
  7. Sucking up for a push is a lot more respectable than sucking off for one....

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  8. This guy gets it.
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