Kofi reaches WWE milestone

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Grats to Kofi. Kinda surprised not to see Rock or Stone Cold on the list.

  2. Not surprising when he constantly wrestles.
  3. They use Kofi a lot on tv so no surprise. Fair play to the lad really enjoy Kofi so its good to see.
  4. Congratz to him..

    HHH or HBK didn't win 100 televised matches? :shock:

  5. I think Tag Team, Triple Threat and WWF come into play.
  6. It's disgusting that Sheamus is on this list.
  7. Maybe gimmick matches don't count either? :hmm:
  8. Also sad that everyone on the list is World Champion except for Kofi who is very talented.
  9. Yeah i know right, I was gonna say cant remember the last time he didnt have a match on RAW or SMACKDOWN.

    anyway whats up with Kofi's Jamaican gimmick the first time I heard him speak I was like WTF :lol1:
    I thought this dude was Jamaican, and he comes out with an American accent.
    To me, that was the day Kofi died :finger:
  10. The Jamaican gimmick was stupid anyways. I loved how HHH improvised that spot though.
  11. I prefer him now to be honest, big fan of Mr Kingston.
  12. Dont they still announce him as from Kingston?
  13. Ghana, West Africa
  14. Couldve sworn they were still billing him from Jamaica.
  15. That was GOAT like.

    You can't teach that.

    You sure it was improvised though?
  16. How come HHH, HBK & Taker not on the list?
  17. They thought it was too racist since he really wasn't Jamaican.

    Here's a video of HHH summing up all you guys' thoughts on this :maybe:

    But I'm also a huge fan of Kofi's. I can't really explain it but he's such a draw to me. Really debating about whether to get a Daniel Bryan or a Kofi shirt this holiday. But much congrats to him hitting such a milestone. I can't believe some of the greats aren't on this list either.
  18. LOL I really didn't notice that they had changed the billing. But props to Kofi comes across as a top bloke!
  19. Lol'd so hard at that vid :lol1:
  20. You can tell Cody Rhodes was trying hard not to laugh. :dawg:
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