Kofi taking a spear from Reigns

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  1. Nah, sorry but what was the point in this crap?

    Reigns had just had a hard-fought, long match against Bryan and then a dozen superstars come into the ring and Kofi takes this spear.

  2. Fun spot for all the Reigns fans at home who love dat spear.
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  3. Yeah, it was just for the Spear to be on the show and for the Shield to look like they lasted a bit. Was pretty funny to see everyone beating up the Shield and Kofi looking like a bitch though :lol1:
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  4. It was a nice spear. Plus Kofi was probably the only one that got hit with something from the Shield which made me lol. :lol1:
  5. Juding from that gif, it was sold terribly.
  6. Michael Cole sold it well.

    I think Reigns needs other finisher.
  8. Just like the WWE App :haha:
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  9. :obama:
  10. It didn't hurt to show one guy who ran out from the back going down in the middle of the huge brawl. Kinda shows that The Shield/Orton put up a decent fight if they can at least bring down one guy out of several. The spear is a huge impact move that can just come out of nowhere too, and since Kofi is a pretty good bumper, he was the ideal guy to take it.
  11. What was that move he put on Bryan where he swung him around his body and slammed his head into the mat? That looked new. And like it could be painful.

  12. :haha:

    Edge's spear is shit.
    Kaitlyn's spear > Edge's
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  13. Kaitlyn's masculine power>
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