Kofi update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. Hopefully it goes somewhere this time.

  2. Good Kofi would be a good US champion.
  3. Kofi needs a push, he's too damn good to be stuck with Truth. Awesome match.
  4. MOTY!!!
  5. :yes:
  6. I don't really get the love for Kingston. He's a really talented in-ring worker but that's about it really. Aside from that he's as dull as dishwater - no mic skills, no charisma, dull theme, dull tights, dull gimmick - I can't see him making it any further than where he is just now personally.
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  7. I think the only thing wrong with Kofi is the wrong gimmick and just needs a little more help with the mic, he's a good in ring wrestler, the fans love him, and he deserves to be in the main event picture soon. He's a multiple time US, Intercontinental, and tag team champion, plus he could do a great feud with Punk if they need him too since they're good friends, and have some history since they tagged a lot, and were champions at one point and had each others back.
  8. I disagree, when they pushed him as a serious competitor he seemed like a future star.

    Either way, Truth better fucking turn heel.
  9. I was away during that so I can't really comment.

    Totally agree with the bottom though, he failed initially as a face, then turned and was a massive success as a heel, so they then proceed to turn him face again straight away.

  10. Remembered that, he looked like a total badass with his feud with Randy, the sleeveless shirt, the serious attitude, and everything. It's a shame they dropped him like a wrecking ball though.
  11. DON'T U MISS WITH :LITTLEJIMMY: ! Truth need the and go back to being a heel!
  12. Unfortunately for Kofi a 'push' in his case will lead to nothing more than another useless mid card belt run, and he's had plenty of those already.

    He will never get a legitimate push. And honestly, I hope to god this doesn't lead to another feud with DZ. We've had plenty of those already as well.
  13. Blame Blandy. It's well documented that he had Kofi's push re-railed after this shit

    I hate that cocksmoker so much
  14. Lmao. I agree he needs to turn heel, but the last thing I want really is another Truth push, he's like 40 or something now. Have him turn on Kofi and Kofi go over, then push Kofi.
  15. Truth is older then that.
  16. He 40? WTF? Now he he like in his early 30 right?
  17. Ron Killings (R-Truth) was born in 1972, that makes him exactly 40 years old.
  18. Crayo comes out on top once again. :crayo:
  19. I still don't see why someone with a name as badass as Ron Killings gets his performer named dumbed down to something as lame as "R-TRuth"
  20. You and me both man, all his ring names have been stupid, K-Kwik, K-Krush, R-Truth....Jesus Christ Bowling Star all three of those are stupid
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