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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Shadow, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. I knew switching to PlayStation would be good in the long run. [​IMG]
  2. I need more Japanese friends.

    Also, glad I game on PC. :21-1:
  3. @Nero_x3 where you at??

    Also, don't be peanut butter and jealous when Solid Gear Metal comes to PS4.
  4. Sony is greedy, it will be on PC too. lol
  5. Maybe if it's a multiplayer centric game, Sony exclusives that are story centric are usually 100% exclusive. Microsoft has been the ones to put their exclusives on PC, but then again most of their exclusives are heavy on multiplayer.
  6. The last MGS was on PC. Everything is transitioning. A lot more gamers play on PC than they used to. Gaming systems/consoles are still mainstream because people continue to pay out big bucks for them. It is easier to buy a console then invest in a computer too.
  7. MGSV wasn't an exclusive by any stretch though. MGS4 was and it was only on PlayStation. They're not going to put a game like Uncharted 4 on PC to get more sales, and they most likely won't do it with Kojima's next game. Kojima isn't working exclusively with PlayStation, sure, but they already announced his first game will be.
  8. In any case, as I said, there are more PC gamers now then when the other MGS games came out. PS will get it first, but it would not surprise me if the next game that comes out goes to PC a week to a month after.
  9. I could see it being a timed exclusive, but Sony isn't like Microsoft. When Sony gets an exclusive it's usually exactly that, an exclusive. It just sucks Sony couldn't help him attain the rights for MGS, but I bet Kojima is kinda happy about it. He's wanted to step away and create a new IP for the longest time, it just sucks he's going to have to bare with Konami bastardizing his creative baby.
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  10. Hopefully they don't pull on Vince and royally screw it over.
  11. Cool. As big of a fan as I am of Metal Gear Solid, I'm glad to think he's finally gonna do something completely original and unrelated to that franchise for once.

    There were rumors/talks of him doing a Silent Hill game while he was still with Konami, so maybe he can do a horror game next. I'd love to see what type of story and atmosphere Kojima could create within the horror genre.
  12. It's not just that...
    It's not a rumor, it was real. Silent Hills was the name. They scrapped it because of the falling out between Kojima/Konami.

    Here's the TGA 2015 award ceremony for MGSV and aftermath...

    That's how far the falling out between Kojima and Konami went. His contract terminated the day before the video by Kojima and Andrew...
  13. Well, fuck then. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Hopefully he'll still create his own horror game in the future. I think he'd do quite wonderful at it given that even parts of the Metal Gear franchise (particularly the 'Colonel' going apeshit near the end of Sons Of Liberty) managed to freak some people out.
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