GFW Kong sent home from UK tour. Beats up Reby Hardy

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jan 29, 2016.

  2. She deserves to get beat up for being with Matt Hardy LOL

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  3. Stupid on Kong's part. Beat up someone who's husband a infant are in the same arena, as them. That's like killing a cop in a police station. Stupid and kind of sad.
  4. Even if she got fired, she'd be back shortly. See: Bram
  5. Kong sounds like a dumb bitch for this.
  6. You would think seeing a fat neckbeard like Hardy pull grade A ass would inspire a fat neckbeard such as yourself.
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  7. Kong got told to hit the road (Jack).
    Second time Kong has been fired from TNA. Second time she's been fired from TNA for beating someone up. First time it was Bubba the Lovesponge for making jokes about Haiti right after the earthquake
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  8. Yea I remember that. She seems like a real ****
  9. At best she just has anger issues. But she seems to have a few screws loose in the old emotional machine
  10. Females physically assaulting males is low. Such a lose lose for the guy.
  11. Have you ever seen her shoot? Holy shit. Talk about crazy black people.
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