Konnan quits stalking Punk, and talks about Hayes

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  1. As PWMania.com previously reported, former WCW & TNA Wrestler Konnan appeared on MLW Radio and revealed that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk. He also spoke about WWE creative head Michael Hayes having heat in the locker room.

    “I was a huge Michael Hayes fan, Freebirds fan, when I was growing up, when I used to watch him in Atlanta,” Konnan said. “Every time I’ve seen Michael, he’s always been very cool with me backstage. But having said that, I will say this, he does have a ton of heat with people. I do know a couple people that told me that if they got fired they would kick his ass before they left the company. And I just found out today that he did get mega heat I guess for having drinks with Rosa [Mendes]. So much so, that he might be replaced. Boom.”

    Source: Pwmania
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  3. Wrong thread bro
  4. [​IMG]

    PS Hayes: Sometimes I get all nervous and look side to side like this when a minority is in the room....


    PS Hayes: Then I take off my hat and look at them all serious and say "I got my eye on you."
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  5. Again, the biggest problem I have with this report is that it's based on what Konnan said.

    He was okay in WCW, but he fell out in TNA. I don't know how credible his "sources" are.


  6. He didn't fall out in TNA per se, he had to have this kidney surgery and TNA wouldn't help with the medical bills. The dude almost died, if it weren't for his fans in Mexico raising money for the surgery.
  7. Konnan was awesome back in WCW.
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  8. I always dug his rolling clothesline.
  9. Michael Hayes is an asshole and alot of people hate him hes a racist from what he said towards Mark Henry and he tried to get Rosa to drink even though she had just come out of rehab for her drink problem
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  10. Yeah and those are only the events that he was disciplined for. There's ton of stories out there about him. I don't even need stories though. Just listen to the man talk on WWE Classics Legends of Wrestling. He's so full of himself, and he's a real dipshit. It's rooted in his insecurity I suppose, that he has to constantly make any fuckin' conversation on that show about The Freebirds. Fuck The Freebirds.
  11. For some reason I find the statement about people wanting to beat him up funny.
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  12. Konnan probably knows that he would get the AJ\Punk shippers talking with this stuff.
    Michael Hayes is an asshole who loves himself too much. Even if he is the ugliest guy on the planet.
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