Spoiler KOTR 2015 Results

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  1. The rest of the 4/27-/28 King of the Ring of the ring finalized tonight here are the results!
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  2. I had a feeling Barrett would win this. I mean, he already makes his way to the ring wearing a cape, might as well give him a crown (and maybe a scepter?) to go with it.

    I want to be optimistic and say that this could be the start of a new push for Barrett, but who am I kidding? It's clear winning the KOTR tournament means nothing, as evidenced by how fast they rushed the entire thing instead of having it play out over a number of weeks and saving the finals of the tournament for the Payback PPV. Not to mention the last time someone became KOTR, it was only because they thought it would be a good way of mocking that particular wrestler (that person being Sheamus, btw... Kevin Dunn didn't like him for some reason and thought having him refer to himself King Sheamus and coming out with a cape on would be a good way of making him look stupid), not because they had any big plans for him.

    Most likely, the only purpose of Barrett winning is because they want to distance him from the Bad News gimmick and having him possibly start referring to himself as 'King Barrett' or whatever is a convenient way to do it.
  3. Now, this round of KOTR was actually enjoyable for me.

    Neville vs Sheamus was a solid match. It ended exactly the way I thought it would. Makes sense and plus, if further cements the feud 'tween Sheamo and DZ.

    BNB vs Truth was aight, there was nothing bad about this match. The right man advanced, thankfully!

    BNB vs Neville was definitely a good finals match.

    BNB had no business going over DZ in the first round, unless he was gonna win this thing. So, I'm glad about this!
    After being booked like a clown this year, he now gets to be crowned the KING!
    Might as well rename him to King Barrett, considering he'd stopped delivering the bad news.
  4. King Barrett or King Wade, both sound good.
  5. Sounds decent.
  6. R-Truth's interview with Byron Saxton almost made me turn this off. So cringe-worthy.

    BNB vs R-Truth should have been a squash match, the fact that Truth actually got some offense in disappointed me immensely.
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