Kris Travis gets a WWE tryout

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Awesome but saying he is one of the better UK indy wrestlers makes it sound like they are all bad.
  2. Well Travis is one of the top guys on your scene. So yeah, he makes most British wrestlers look bad.
  3. He doesn't make anyone look bad at all.
  4. Like in any wrestling scene there are tiers of talent. With some guys being mediocre or okay, and there then being the guys who are really good bordering on great. Travis is of the latter one. He and guys like Mark Andrews, Zabre Jr, the Dunnes, Noam Dar, Mastiff and Lionheart make most of the other British talent look bad in comparison because these guys operate on a completely different level of quality work for their respective styles. Certainly better than the supposed face of British wrestling El Ligero.

    Sami Zayn makes Kofi Kingston look bad in comparison, Adam Cole makes Scott Reid look bad in comparison. And Kris Travis makes guys like Davey Blaze look bad in comparison. Its not that other British wrestlers are bad per say, rather that they look bad in comparison to the guys who are on that other level.
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