Krispen Wah spotted in TNA

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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Surely it's just a hologram... right?
  3. Holy... It is almost him.
  4. Ultimate swerve by TNA management.
  5. So TNA has access to cloning technology or they know necromancy.
  7. "They" are coming August 3rd, 2013.
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  8. *holy shit chants*
  9. At first, I thought that woman's name was "Krispen Wah", lol.
  10. Wonder how the world would react if Chris Benoit really was in TNA, and all of the rest was a huge work. Hey, they need something big to get on WWE's level - that could be it!
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  11. Well, Benoit coming back from the dead sounds like it would get some mainstream attention.
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  12. That would be huge, since most likely it would have been WWE's plan since they have no mention of him either, but he secretly signs with TNA and unveils there :mog: that would be....chaotic :yes: :discord:
  13. Sounds like when Brian Pillman was doing a "I'm getting fired from WCW angle", only thing was he actually wanted to be fired so he could go to ECW and then WWE. He convinced Bischoff that it would look real if he got the green light to wrestle some for ECW and if he could show off papers of termination. They printed the papers, he signed them and boom, Pillman had worked the entire company.

    Would be a major work to see WWE and TNA work together to fake a death.
  14. Gatdamn Mickie James I love you. And yea, that dude looks pretty similar. Even if he's never wrestled they need to train him and push him as Chris Benoit lol.
  15. [​IMG]

    The guy looks similar LOL
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  16. The face he's pulling looks like he's targeting Mickie.
  17. He wants to have children with her, sex with him must be a killing.
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