Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jul 22, 2017.

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  1. So as most of u already know, Jason Jordan is now Kurt Angles son. How do u feel about this storyline so far? Was it a let down surprise? Where do u think they will take it?

    I think the best solution for this angle is to have it be discovered that Jason Jordan is actually NOT Kurt Angles son. And only lied about the whole thing to get moved over to Raw and to use Kurt Angle to receive a big push.

    If they have Kurt Angle give Jason Jordan all the opportunities in the world because they are father and son and then eventually have someone leak info that Kurt is not the real father and then do some kind of DNA test on Raw with them finding out the truth and Jason Jordan turning heel by embarrassing Angle by lying to him and only using him for his own benficial gain. That would be a big moment and a good payoff to this storyline
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    I think its stupid and its setting Jason Jordan up for a huge fall.

    A young tag team was broken up before even getting a real chance
    to shine and personally...this is just like the kind of silly soap opera
    Jerry Springer-style crap that was fans had to endure during the
    worst parts of the Attitude Era.

    I no like this story line...and I hope whatever happens it doesn't ruin
    Jason Jordan's career.

    Also...why couldn't they trade a tag team to SmackDown for American Alpha?

    *Looks at the RAW roster*

    Oh Shit...well...the only teams they would have moved would have
    just come from SmackDown or have wrestled the New Day a thousand
    times already.

    Well...forget that last suggestion...

    Either way...

    I feel bad for everyone involved and whoever came up with this idea
    should also feel bad.
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  3. Who booked this crap?
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  4. Pointless and stupid storyline which serves no purpose that the majority fans give a flying anything about.
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  5. I like it. It's been less than a week, so I have nothing to base any opinion on whatsoever, but those "My Black Son" YouTube videos crack me up, so until WWE gives me more information about the angle I'm going to be behind it
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    Why stop there? And who says Jordan is his only child? Since Angle wasn't fired he may as well feel free to invite all his other children from hiding as well.

    He could be like Captain Planet and have an entire stable of children of different nationalities. Ariya Daivari and Hoho Lun look like Kurt. Why not Becky Lynch? He could give them all rings and when their powers combine Kurt will be summoned. He will once again suit up and defend the earth from evil.

    That's where this is heading.
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  7. Wrestling is very often a family business in which the children and grand children take pride in getting involved in the business their dad and grandparents made their name in. Dumbass angles like this make a mockery of that even if that is not their intention. So now we have Randy Orton, who we know is Bob Orton's son, talking about his father. But things like that are cheapened when Kane still acts like Paul Bearer really was his.

    I dunno, it irks me. It's useless and maybe with the exception of the Kane and Paul Bearer angle, people really don't care about this fake parent crap.
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  8. He's not really his son. If you look online his father is a black man with grayish hair. IDK if his mother is black or not.

    But his dad isn't Kurt Angle.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. It was a let down for me. Kind of pointless to split the tag team so soon. They seemed to be getting over as a pair. Why not give them a push in the tag team division and see where it goes?

    The reveal did not match the weeks of buildup. It was underwhelming to say the least.
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  12. So...2 possibilities...

    1). Jordan turns heel on Angle...
    2). Chad Gable is revealed to be Angle's true son...

    Look either way...the entire situation is dumb...
  13. When I saw this, the first thing I thought was "This? THIS is the suprise you were teasing for weeks. THIS. This is the best you can do...?" I almost thought the Dixie Carter rumors were going to be true. What an underwelming "surprise."

    It's going to set Jordan to fail.
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  14. This storyline can't be worse than that DZ/Rusev/Lana or Rusev/Lana/Enzo/Cass feud or anyone vs Wyatt feud.

    So, yeah, I don't mind it.
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  15. I am beginning to think I am immune to dumb gimmicks at this point because this is stupid but really doesn't bother me.
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  16. Wow...Immunity to dumb gimmicks...

    That sounds like something every wrestling fan needs.
  17. Expected Stephanie.
    Got Jason Jordan

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  18. Now that's being positive about the situation...
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  19. Well, in the year we live in it sounds a bit ridiculous as anyone can go online and look if it is real. But Attitude Era had some kind of shit like this and some of them were terrible, some of them were gold. But I pick this over a simple storyline. I don't think JJ was the right pick as he looked really lame cutting promos. Gable should have been the one as he was always compared more to Angle. Look at his match against Rusev on SD Live this week, it's a great short bout and he reminded me so much of Angle. Besides he is much better on mic and on camera.

    Still, if there are some funny skits with Angle and JJ -even teaching him to ride a bicycle, Angle can pull of this stuff great- and even maybe mentoring him 3I's it can be great. 2 weeks have passed and there are still no segments with both of them. That's a bit sad. JJ may fail after this scenario but they can end it whether successfull or not with "oh it's wrong, you are not my son" etc.
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