Kurt Angle Calls Out CM Punk Again, Takes Shot At John Cena & Deletes Tweets

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 15, 2012.

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  2. I love you Kurt, you drunk bastard.
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  3. You'll love anyone you will.. :lol1:
  4. Jesus, he believes he makes more than Punk? Drunk buffoon.
  5. Watching all these tweets show up live last night on our twitter account was hilarious.
  6. Kurt Angle - the true bitw.
  7. How would we know if he does or doesn't
  8. I'm broskis with Punk and see his wages. Durr.
  9. Punk can most likely earn more from his WWE pay than Angle does from TNA but Angle also runs a successful food business so he most likely has more money netto than Punk anyway.
  10. I heard Punk is actually really rich as he saves everything.
  11. I like how, the moment someone says something against Punk, his internite lawyers automatically try to discredit that someone on a personal level, rip him apart calling him bitter and nobody, etc. You can't go against CM Jesus. The moment this shit started, what were first posts like? Oh, I will help you: key words are PILLS, DRUGS, DUI and BITTER.

    It happened with Paul London awhile ago. "DAT BITTER SPOT MONKEY INDY NOBODY, WHERE IS HE NOW LULZ"
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  12. Kurt has be known to go on drunken rants then claiming to be hacked, it's nothing to do with Punk IMO, rather the face Kurt rambles on the internet whilst seeming to be under some form of influence. I adore Angle but he's a drunken retard half of the time, the same as Punk is a sober moron with a lot of his remarks.
  13. Kurt Angle is a God. He starts so much fucking shit on Twitter and everything he says while in the argument is hilarious xD
  14. So basically, Kurt Angle is confirming that he wants to rejoin WWE? I find that more interesting than his odd twitter rampage.
  15. He has a right to his own opinion :obama:
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