Kurt Angle Claims WWE Lifted A TNA Concept

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Oct 30, 2012.

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    On his Twitter, Kurt Angle claimed that WWE lifted some of their concepts from TNA including the AJ Styles/Dixie Carter affair storyline as well as Eric Bischoff's multi-camera angle. Here is what Kurt had to say:

    "WWE production team using @EBischoff's innovative multi-camera backstage filming technique with OneManBand segment?

    Staged "affair" between AJ Lee & @JohnCena, w/date pic & hotel video? WWE outright lifting TNA concepts?"

    There are definitely similarities between the Cena/AJ and AJ/Dixie/Lynch storyline, including having two heroic characters in Cena and AJ being accused of having an affair plus having the pic and hotel video. Kurt is definitely right about that. I haven't seen the 3MB segment so I couldn't determine if that has been lifted.
  2. Oh, and lets not forget this whole "referee becoming a wrestler" angle, either. They say Vince's good ideas were ripped off from other companies... Shame they can't steal any of the good storylines though.

    And Claire Lynch >>>>> AJ and Cena.
  3. :pity1:

    Any storyline worse then Claire's needs to be shot into a black hole, along with the people who enjoy it, and wrote it, then the MIB should come on over to our houses and erase our memories and let us go on with our everyday lives.
  4. Makes sense.
  5. Right about that? Really? They either both steal from each other or there really isn't anything NEW being made in wrestling any more. It's a ridiculous claim to make to be honest.
  6. AJ and Cena are awesome together, imo. :pity:
  7. Wouldn't be the first time the WWE has stolen ideas from people. But as mentioned, TNA has done it as well, as have most wrestling companies. There's few things in wrestling that are 100% original anymore.
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  8. Yeah, but TNA stole Wwe ideas... Like
    1. Start a wrestling promotion
    2. Have pay per views
    3. Have a world champion
    4. Have a referee
    5. 4 sided ring. Wwe had it first impact!
    6. Invasion angle

  9. I actually find it pretty amusing that Kurt isn't trying to hide the face Claire Lynch ever happened. I sure as hell am.
  10. One of the dumbest post I have ever read.
  11. tbh, everything in wrestling is copied. nWo, 2.21.11, Screwjobs, ect.
  12. What... The fuck?:cornette:

    My mind is blown.
  13. Bullshit, TNA stole that from the AWA you crack whore :Russo:
  14. That 2.21.11 thing wasn't really a copy of anything, TNA was mocking WWE (or depending on how you look at it, mocking those who thought it was gonna be Sting's introduction into the WWE, although it was originally meant to be.)
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  15. Exactly. That's what I've been saying for over a year now, but dumbasses all over the IWC and WWE marks still claim "it was a cheap knockoff". Pure example of idioticy and morons all around as they can't separate mockery and "in your face" stuff from thief. Good grief.
  16. Thank you for your irrelevant opinion!
  17. Wasn't the Sting return thing more of a homage to the Starrcade videos from 97 then anything else? Always got that vibe more than the Taker shit, Sting returns to save the day from the evil faction again.


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  18. That also Seabs since he returned to battle Hogan's Immortal faction (kayfabe wise), but business wise it was nothing more but what I said: mockery and in your face WWE.
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