Kurt Angle Comparison

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Compare & Discuss?
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    Shall we continue to discuss? He's done dumb stuff whilst under the WWF/E banner too. It's pro wrestling.
  3. Yeah we shall, because when stars come from WWE, TNA gives them the legends treatment. Look at a couple of months ago, they were pushing WWE stars or Old Timers.

    Discussion is continued. :emoji_grin:
  4. Lmao! Oh wow that's great! Kurt rapping.. Lesnar smacking,
  5. So TNA give ex wwe stars the legends treatment? Yet you your self in the original post offered examples of Kurt being put in awkward positions which to me don't seem to be offering him legends treatment. This is no shot at you personally Punk, however the average smark will post about how Kevin Nash needed to retire whilst in TNA yet mark out when he returned at the Royal Rumble. There is alot of hypocrisy there. Now I know I can't generalize as, I myself am a member of the IWC but there is a percentage who adore the WWE product and will dismiss anything related to TNA despite not watching a decent amount of the product. Am I saying TNA is flawless? No, It's far from it and I'll acknowledge that but some people seem to point out it's flaws based on prejudice encouraged by others rather then forming their opinion.
  6. I already pointed that out on a different thread.
    I'm comparing the Character and how entertaining he is.
    He's more of a Comedic Bad-ass in WWE, yet in TNA they have him doing a serious role which I do not find entertaining.
  7. Wow.
  8. Ok sorry about that I thought you were just bashing TNA my fault. I understand about finding him more entertaining however I personally prefer him as a straight up wrestler rather then his comedy skits. I must admit however his heel turn when he aligned with immortal at hard justice still makes little sense to me. How he and jeff Jarrett supposedly went from being unable to be in the same company to being in the same group was a little too much of a push for me.
  9. In TNA he has a gimmick that's serious. I still love Kurt, but I find him more entertaining in WWE.

    Tbh the last time I was very invested in TNA was Main Event Mafia.

    Also every time I watch this I laugh.

  10. I prefer serious characters to be honest. It's impossible to determine if he's better in one than the other, it's personal opinion. There's some stuff in TNA that has been really good, there's obviously been many others in WWE through his legendary career there. But personally, I feel you're only as good as your opponent. I was more interested in Kurt Angle in WWE, than I am now in Kurt Angle in TNA. I can't really create a proper opinion though, since I'm not an active-TNA watcher. He's had many legendary moments in WWE, against legendary superstars. You can't argue that. No one can. That influences my opinion, as I'd rather watch Kurt Angle against someone like Lesnar, Cena, Edge, Undertaker etc than I would against anyone in TNA. As for the work HE'S done, well he's done everything in WWE. Serious, comedic, whiner, coward, everything. I prefer his serious side, as he's a tremendous athlete who can talk too. So yeah, I can't choose. Not seen enough of him in TNA to really compare.