Kurt Angle estimates he's got 4 years left in the tank

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. On the SCSA podcast he said this.

    Thoughts? Seems absurd to me. I hope he doesn't die in the ring.
  2. Is he talking full time or part time? That could be a factor. I don't see him doing four full years full time.
  3. They didn't go into details. SCSA just asked him how much longer he thought he would wrestle and he, without much hesitation, said he thought he had four more years.

    From the context of it it sounded like he meant full time, but he could also have his eye on the WWE as a part timer once his TNA deal expires.
  4. Yeah he has mentioned going on a half time retirement tour before I believe. But you never know with Kurt.
  5. I think he meant full time and then part time, I remember in some old interview him saying that he intended to work on TNA until his deal expires (two more years iirc) and he says he's open to a WWE return, could see him going back as a part timer ala RVD.
  6. He can definitely handle four years with the majority being part-time. I'm much more skeptical if it genuinely meant four years of week-to-week active wrestling. I fully expect a WWE return though, and I think Kurt does as well to be honest, so part-time is inevitable.
  7. Meh. He should retire, tbh.
  8. I see people saying this but I don't get why. Sure, he may not be what he used to be, but how often does a Kurt Angle match - all be it meaningless - end up being MOTN? His recent matches with Styles for example. The guy can still go hard when motivated, and that would work wonderfully well in WWE.
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  9. Exactly, the problem is Kurt has set such a high standard that a regular good match feels like a Sheamus squash, dude hasn't lost much of a step IMO he's just oversaturated in TNA ( he's always trying to do more now he's screwed it over as you can't physically do any more. Multiple angle slams, check. From the top rope, check. Moonsaults off cages, check. What else can any human do?
  10. I agree. So he's gone from BITW/top 5 all time to only top 20-25 in the world. Let's burn him at the stake.
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