News Kurt Angle Hopes CM Punk Returns to Wrestling

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. While participating in a Facebook Q&A, Kurt Angle was asked about his thoughts on CM Punk’s future in MMA and a possible return to pro wrestling. Angle responded with the following remarks:

    “I hope he comes back. I think his MMA career is over. He needs to go back to what he does best!”

    Do you think CM Punk will ever return to wrestling? Sound off in the comment section below…

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  2. Thank you, Kurt Angle. I'm glad he said this, given the fact that CM Punk was good in WWE.
  3. If Punk does wrestle again I'd be flabbergasted if it was in WWE.
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  4. I hope Kurt Angle (and everyone else) stops talking about CM Punk...
  5. Why is that??
  6. Because instead of wrestling fans focusing on some guy who decided to walk away
    from the business because he was mistreated and didn't get the Wrestlemania main
    event he wanted...wrestling fans should focus on the current crop of wrestling stars
    not just in the WWE...but all around the world.

    Now...granted I've never seen Punk wrestle (I was away from wrestling for a long
    time) and frankly I have no desire to. Mainly thanks to all those annoying CM Punk
    chants I keep hearing all the time.

    Punk is gone...and from the way he ended it with the WWE...I doubt he will ever set
    foot in one of their rings again.
  7. I dunno. If Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart returned after their departures from the company, CM Punk's departure pales in comparison when you really think about it. A lot of it will depend upon money, though. If he doesn't get other jobs and finds his fortune dwindling a bit, I would see him coming back.

    In my viewpoint, both Hart and Punk have comparable egos so anything is possible.
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  8. Okay so yes it's true that "certain" wrestling fans are beyond annoying with cheers and switching up their feelings at the drop of a hat. For example, when CM Punk left and people finally had found out why AND heard the pocast where he explains everything he went through, the WWE fans were behind his decision 100%. But since then whether it's due to some of his weird new job decisions (which are HIS choices), the fans have turned to basically begging for him to come back. Some still believe that they are going to get that same cutting edge, in your face, smack talking CM Punk but in reality we really know that times have changed since Ruthless Aggression Era, People Power and the years of Eric Biscoff/Teddy Long. I'm really starting to think that these fans are mainly brainless whining children who know very little about how life works.

    Which brings me to my previous response, I like what Angle said because truth be told CM Punk (Philip Brooks) is in over his head jumping straight to MMA and he was really good if not considering one of the best wrestlers in WWE history. The storylines he had were spine-tingling and captivating, when he wrestled in the ring he gave a bit of the story to follow his performances (so if he was a heel and he argue with someone who he was now wrestling, he continued to talk smack and beat on that person until he won or found a sly way to cheat). I would love for him to get a real chance to talk with Vince or whomever face to face or over the phone, I mean it's not like it can NEVER happen (ex. Sting, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Ultimate Warrior, etc.).

    So if you haven't had a chance to see CM Punk wrestle then just something you have missed out on during that time period. You can always look on the WWE Network, YouTube or anywhere else for his matches and promos.
  9. A fair call...but...I just think it would be better
    for everyone if people just moved on.

    Clearly Punk has. Its not like he needs to wrestle again.

    I'd be more excited if his wife returned to the WWE...
    but...I doubt that will ever happen.
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    I'll pass...I honestly couldn't care less.

    Now if he did re-sign with the WWE...
    I may go back and watch a few of
    his matches...but until then...I'll
    worry about the current WWE
  11. Ok that's your choice but don't allow the annoying fans take away from anything that you might enjoy. And just so you know. there's a difference in "resign" and "re-sign", make sure to put the hyphen in the word "re-sign" because the word "resign" means to quit/walk away lol just giving u a heads up.
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  12. Punk should return to wrestling. I want to see Roman Reigns beat him up.
  13. Are you being extra sarcastic?? lol Or are you just mean by the default of Roman Reigns beating almost any and everybody he faces?
  14. I knew that...

    *Lowers head in shame...*

    Nice grammar slam...

    I'd rather have a huge spider with red
    legs in my house than watch that match.
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  15. GOOD! Give her your dollar then! :upset: :cry: :why:
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  16. lol I meant no harm or offense
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  17. Now harm done broski...

    I'm actually one of those forum members
    who will go back and edit my posts several
    times so all the spelling and the "structure"
    of my posts is perfect.

    I actually want to be a "Mod" here just so I
    can go around and fix up thread titles with
    spelling mistakes.

    That actually annoys the hell out of me...
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  18. well good, I hope it all works out for you and please feel to help me out anytime. None of us are perfect and I know I'm not either.
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  19. A polite and civil thread on the web?! I'm shocked. Is this a first?
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  20. Possibly the first ever involving the topic of CM Punk.

    I'm sure someone will come in later and destroy the politeness with a:
    "Only Punk can save WWE fools!!! Current roster is filled with idiots LOL!!!"
    Or something like'll have to excuse me...I don't speak moron.