Kurt Angle: "I'm Kicking Off IMPACT Tomorrow Night!"

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    IMPACTWRESTLING.com caught up with Kurt Angle this afternoon, who had the following to say:

    "Last week was a grueling experience, but standing tall with Lashley, Austin Aries and Gunner in the end made it all worth it. However, I have some MAJOR business to get down to and I'm not waiting. I'm coming to IMPACT on Friday and I am walking straight to the ring to make my intentions crystal clear. It's about to get real... DAMN REAL!!!"

    It's always exciting to hear that Kurt Angle is headed to IMPACT - but what could be next for the Olympic Gold Medalist. Sure, Team Angle was victorious inside Lethal Lockdown last week, but the BDC won't give up that easy, will they? OR, could Kurt have something else in-store? Since returning to in-ring competition, Angle has made it clear that he wants to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion again. Whatever may come, we are sure to find out as soon as IMPACT WRESTLING kicks off - tomorrow at 9/8c on Destination America!


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