News Kurt Angle is officially retiring #ThankYouKurt

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  1. TNA News: Kurt Angle Says That He Is Retiring From Wrestling

    It's been real, it's been damn real :nogusta:
  2. Daaaamn! Sad to hear that. Hopefully he comes to WWE for one last run, though! The chances of that happening are unlikely, as we all know, but still.

    Thank you, Mr. Angle!
  3. Is this really a shock to people? Kurt can hardly walk anymore, let alone work a wrestling schedule.
  4. He's been in that state for years lol.
  5. I know. So why is such a large amount of the internet shocked that he is retiring?

    People bamboozle me sometimes. And on Scott Steiner day of all days
  6. I guess the numbers don't lie.

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    It's probably because he carried on so long that it's a bit of shock it actually caught up to him I guess.
  7. The numbers are genetic freaks!

    Happy Poppaversary
  8. I'm surprised he lasted this long, especially there. Thanks for the memories, hope he enjoys the rest of his life.
  9. Sad to see him go, I hope he goes out with a really good feud on the UK tour. I could see them pushing Drew, EC3 or maybe even a returning Magnus (a man can dream) over him before he goes.

    I also hope he comes back for maybe even a commentary role sometime soon.
  10. I thought he already retired. Sucks he spent his last days in TNA.
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  11. I thought you knew you weren't welcome in TNA.
  12. lol like anyone wants to be welcomed by TNA :pity2:
  13. Saw it coming since 2010. Since then he hasn't wrestled a single year without having some sort of injury. His injuries, age and conditions have finally caught up to the Wrestling Machine.
  14. Figured it was happening. He deserves one more WWE run for a year on a limited schedule and let him ride off into the sunset on a bald eagle.
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  15. @Testify
  16. even Testies has abandoned TFA :pipebomb:
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