News Kurt Angle Not Re-Signing With TNA After His Contract Expires This Year

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 9, 2015.

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    This comes off as 'I'm gonna take some time off, if the WWE doesn't make me an offer after my TNA deal expires.'
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  2. That's exactly how that came off to me.

  3. I'd bet anything on seeing him return to WWE and retiring gracefully there.
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  4. Nice. He should have left around 2012 tbh.
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  5. Angle Vs. Bryan WM32. Make it happen.
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  6. ^^ Yes, please!
  7. I'd be okay with this.

  8. WWE did not want him in 2013 or 2014. Why would they want him in 2015?
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  9. Same reason they wanted sting, hogan, warrior, etc. HoF and maybe a farewell run
  10. Except they have said multiple times that Angle needs to go to rehab first. Something Angle refuses. Note how guys like Hogan and Hall were only brought back once clean. Angle is a walking timebomb of substance abuse and a fucked up body. He got fired in the first place for refusing to go and get help on the company dollar.
  11. Well when they put him in the hall of fame they oughta get a macro ready to remove him really quickly. :pity:
  12. I'd prefer Angle vs Swagger, or Angle vs Rusev. And I'm not saying this because of my dislike from Bryan, but Angle/Swagger seems just like it was destined. As for Rusev, if they built him up as a dominant Russian again it'd be the perfect entry for Angle.

    Then there's Owens and Cesaro, pitting America's 'best' against either Canada or Switzerland's current best(s).

    Bryan is just pretty low on the totem pole for me when it comes to being Angle's last opponent. If it were to even happen.
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  13. Maybe this is me being a "hater" here, but... I'm totally on board with Angle vs Rusev at WM because it won't carry the "all-time classic" expectation Angle vs Bryan would fail to live up to.
    It would be a pleasant surprise and super easy build.
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  14. It's not like Bryan would be wrestling his usual pace anyways. He'll be having to tone it down if he wants the WWE to let him stay active after he returns. And if you combine that with the fact that Angle obviously isn't in his prime anymore then it just wouldn't make for a good match. It wouldn't be horrible per se, but it definitely wouldn't live up to the hype.
  15. Another star leaving the sinking ship
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