News Kurt Angle on possibly not wrestling again

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    Bummer if true. I'd like to have him back in WWE for one more run, but VKM and HHH say LOL NOPE. :okay:
  2. He's nothing like he used to be. Not really gonna miss him. His body has deteriorated to the point that I'm scared for him, when he wrestles. He looks so frail.
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  3. He probably should have retired a few years ago.
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  4. 2010 was his last injury free, drug free, near death experience free year in wrestling.
  5. Watching him wrestle now is actually scary. Definitely should have retired a while back
  6. I wouldn't mind him retiring in TNA. The only match I'd want Angle to come back for right now is vs Bryan but that won't happen.
  7. I wish Angle were in his prime years today like he was from 2000-2006. Imagine the kind of classics we could have gotten between him and Daniel Bryan, CM Punk (if Angle had been around before Punk left), Cesaro, Seth Rollins and the like.

    It's a shame he'll never get to wrestle his final match in WWE like he deserves to, but whatever. Such is life.
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