Spoiler Rumor Kurt Angle Returning?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Phenom, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. Hell yea thats Angle

  2. Aww whateva

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  1. A Kurt Angle WWE return has been talked about ever since he left TNA, but it seems like one week, he’s close to coming back while the next week the door is shut on a possible return. I was a Kurt Angle fan back in the day before he left for TNA and I would love to see him return and eventually retire from WWE like he should and it may be sooner then expected Kurt has issues with drugs and his body is very damaged from all of the years of wrestling he most likely will work Part time.
    Anyone else excited for a Kurt Angle return?

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  2. He has an awful, awful lot of indy dates that seem to be set in stone. My bet is Royal Rumble, or some RAW to have a match at Mania 33.
  3. I'd rather he retired tbh, he shouldn't be bumping given his condition. Maybe one last match at Mania to sign off on.
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  4. Lesnar Vs Angle again ?

  5. This match was great shout out to Shane
  6. He's one of the GOAT, so yes.

    I wouldn't mind one last run, but given his condition, I don't know how smart would that be on both WWE and Angle's part.

    If they decide to let him back, and that's a big if, then I guess he may return at the Rumble and then set up a WM program that'd lead to his retirement.

    But, if they don't want him back in a wrestling role, which is understandable and I'd be fine with it, then I hope he at least returns as a manager.
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  7. Him and Austin were great together on promo's
  8. He's a physical wreck. So no. Let him work off his last indy dates, get one last payday/mania moment that does not involve a match. And put him in the hall of fame.
  9. As the late, great Gohan would say...

    OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:

    But in seriousness, he needs to retire before he ends up with more injuries and health issues than he already has.
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  10. Commentator please
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  11. That might be cool good idea
  12. What happened to good old Teen Gohan 6425 Randy Savage? Does he still post?
  13. He came back and changed his name, posted for a day and then left again. He made an apology thread in the Ramp area.

    --> Hi guys...
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  14. I would definitely mark.
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